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Om Yoga Bags

I saw these bags at Ava.ph tonight. It actually reminds me that it’s the weekend (yay for me) and I will have 2 days of Yoga. 2 days to try to relax. It has really been such a stressful week for me!

Yoga Bags

I personally have one. I bought one in Cash Cash Pinoy if I’m not mistaken. It came with a super thick mat. Although I can’t really remember where it was from but I would think it was from this store – https://www.facebook.com/madeformovement.

Why I think every yoga person should have a yoga bag?

First of all, it would be easier for you to lug around your yoga mat while waiting for your class. I usually do this. When I’m super early for class, I walk around and just enjoy my morning weekends. Secondly, it will make your yoga mat last longer and keep it cleaner! I used to have that strappy things and I ended up having a really dirty mat.

Why I think the Om Yoga Bags are pretty cool?

I found their website.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of yoga bag that you have. You don’t have to buy the expensive one but I think that when you shop, it would be for something worthwhile as well. I’m saying this because these Om Yoga bags are locally made in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines. It has been produced by the same women behind Luntian Bags – a livelihood project that provides sewing, printing, and embroidering jobs for the unemployed women in the neighborhood.

I really look up to people who are social entrepreneurs. I actually have a friend who gave up his IT career to pursue this “calling”. Imagine how scary that is. Giving up your monthly paycheck. But imagine, if he pulls it off, it’s even greater that one paycheck.  

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