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My 100 Dreams (Edited) – UPDATED 5/14/2014

If you can dream it

Yes, I’m going to say this.. I’m bored. i know that sounds absurd because fo the numerous things that I have to do but yet, I feel bored. I actually don’t know that if that is the right term for that. I think more of, I’m restless. I feel like there’s something that I want to do, something that I can do but I just don’t know what. For the next couple of months, I think that would be my main focus: to find out what is it that I really want to do.

Incidentally, I read the email of Bo Sanchez today: Write Down Your 100 Dreams and incidentally as well, I still kept a list of my life list which I just updated. You know what’s weird? I wrote this March 5 last year. Just about the same time. Maybe, this is the time when I usually feel restless? End of the first quarter of the year and I still haven’t accomplished anything.

So anyway, here’s my 100 Dreams (I edited some though because they were just too personal. You know there are some things better to be kept to yourself. 🙂

  1. I want to be able to have my own house
  2. I want to be able to buy a new car
  3. I want to be able to go to the States
  4. I want to be able to go to London
  5. I want to be able to go back to Europe
  6. I want to go to Japan
  7. I want to go to Korea
  8. I want to go on a cruise
  9. I want to go on a Marian Pilgrimage
  10. I want Memory Crafters to be a living business. 5/14/2014: Unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll work out. This is something that I have to crush out and figure out.
  11. I want to be able to pay off my credit card bill5/14/2014: Almost done but not quite. 😛
  12. Read all the books in my book list5/14/2014: Currently reading Rework.
  13. Make a Life Soundtrack
  14. Watch TV Shows in my list
  15. Watch the Movies in My Movie List5/14/2013: Watched 2 so far.
  16. Go on a retreat
  17. Check in a hotel in the city alone for at least a day
  18. Go parasailing
  19. Go on a trip wherein I will be mainly helping people
  20. Spend New Years Eve at Discovery Shoes Boracay
  21. Exercise at least 3x a week
  22. Ride a train all throughout Europe once again (on a vacation)
  23. Ride in a hot air balloon
  24. Learn how to swim! haha. 🙂
  25. Visit Walt Disney
  26. Visit Universal Studios
  27. Reach Financial Independence
  28. Visit the Holy Land in Jerusalem
  29. See the Great Pyramid in Egypt
  30. Go to Dubai
  31. Drive a sportscar
  32. Own a Rolex
  33. Own another designer bag
  34. Watch the World Cup
  35. Watch an Olympic Game
  36. Read the Bible from cover to cover
  37. Swim with dolphins
  38. Own a sportscar
  39. Throw a huge party (birthday party) in a club (haha) – Cause this is soo not me.
  40. Go to a concert (again)
  41. Make a big donation to a charity
  42. Make the frontpage of a newspaper
  43. Be invited to be the guest of honor to an event and have the honors of cutting the ribbon
  44. Have my own TV show about shopping
  45. Pay for someone’s groceries
  46. Have dinner with a stranger
  47. Write an article for a major publication (newspaper or magazine – preferrably Cosmo Philippines because this is the magazine that I read from cover to cover)
  48. Go paragliding
  49. Go wakeboarding
  50. Paint something.
  51. Join a marathon
  52. Go sailing
  53. Take a kid on a toy shopping spree
  54. Get a surprise birthday party. (Dreams don’t necessarily have to be actionable right? :P)
  55. Meet Kris Aquino (haha and follow her career path)
  56. Meet Oprah Winfrey
  57. Meet a band
  58. Win an award
  59. Ride on a roller coaster again
  60. Learn how to surf (after I learn how to swim)
  61. Learn how to poi dance
  62. Bake a cake
  63. Update my blog at least once a week
  64. Have 1000 visits to my site on a daily basis
  65. Have 1000 followers on Twitter
  66. Have 1000 follwers on Instagram
  67. Have 4000 followers on Facebook – 5/14/2014: Updated my goal
  68. Own a café
  69. Have a monthly thing with friends
  70. Travel on a yearly basis
  71. Travel to Australia and New Zealand
  72. Travel to Central America (Costa Rica)
  73. Travel to South America (Argentina, Brazil)
  74. Travel to the Caribbean
  75. Go Kayaking again
  76. Go on dance classes
  77. Be caffeine free for at least a month
  78. Be soda free for at least a month
  79. Go on a detox diet
  80. Own my own condo for rental
  81. Learn Jewelry Making
  82. See a play (another one) – 5/14/2014: Going to watch Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
  83. Cook a meal
  84. Write a poem about my life
  85. Give a speech in front of more than 100 people
  86. Visit the Gondola in Venice
  87. Cook Pasta
  88. Cook Paella
  89. Visit the seven wonders of the world
  90. Take Dance Calsses
  91. Study Feng Shui with Lilian Too (haha)

*But don’t worry because I’m actually keeping track of this in an excel file. My very own personal Performance Plan Review. Haha. What a nerdo! 😛

She turned her can'ts

So now, I have to plan. Okay, here we go… Mind. Work your wonders now. 🙂

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