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My Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Shopping is my cardio

Before I forget anything, I just want to list everything that I go to relax my mind at night. You know, after a super stressful day at work, sometimes, I just want to stare at the computer and think of nothing. There’s nothing more relaxing for me than browsing through online shopping sites! It’s just like window shopping but online. Looking at new, cool and unique stuff really gives me a high. But lately, NO shopping for me still. Yes, being the frugal me.


There are the sites that I check out every now and then. These are Philippine sites.

International Sites

This post is “to be continued…” I’m sleepy already therefore, I shall sleep. Goodnight everyone! 🙂

TheMall.ph: Offered Free Product Spaces for your items

I grabbed this opportunity for Mis Cosas. This offering of TheMall.ph allowed vendors to be able to post 3 products to be uploaded. I hope it works. As you know, this year, I didn’t join any bazaars. I just asked a friend who sells during bazaars to help me sell my products (Everybody Needs a Pair). Reasons why I didn’t join bazaars this year? First of all, I really think that I need to focus more on work. My main source of income(haha). Which is actually a pretty good decision since December is really one of the most critical periods for us (unfortunately). Oh well. But it’s okay. I still wish that Mis Cosas would go on and on forever. 🙂

Browsing Through TheMall.ph

Since I had nothing better to do and I’m so full of thoughts, I browsed through the items of TheMall.ph. Actually I’m like that… whenever I have a lot of things in my mind and I just want them to go away – I surf the internet and it makes me think of nothing. Yep, nothingness.

I found these items from The Sanctae. Warning though, this might not be for everyone. As for me, I really like religious things. Probably family’s influence?

The Sanctae

This is their official website.

I think the cool thing about this shop is that it brings to you whatever religions items or memorabilia that you would want to have from travels to religious lands or pilgrimages. We all know how expensive travels can get and hence, these things are not readily accessible to everyone.

The Products

Wall Fixture

USD 53.70

PHP 2311 (from TheMall.ph)

Wall Fixture 53.70 USD

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TheMall.ph: Pre-Holiday Flash Sale

Christmas season is starting already and I’m pretty sure that many of you guys are not really thinking of Christmas gifts yet. But may I suggest that for this year, make it different. Shop earlier and avoid the rush! And to usher in the Christmas season TheMall.ph just began their Pre-Holiday Flash Sale. They are slicing off up to 50% off the price on selected items. Check out this link and find out what you can buy your loved ones.


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