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The Body Shop Philippines: Make Me Gorgeous Facebook Contest

This contest will be from August 15 – September 20, 2012. This is also open to all customers. NO purchase required. Just go in the store and ask our specialist for a free demo and get personalized tips on skin caring and make up from August 10 – September 16, 2012.

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Because I really love to smell like a fruit…

These body mists from The Body Shop is really one of my ultimate favorites. It’s very light and subtle and will not overpower any scent. Good thing about this is that it’s made from natural extracts and essential oils.

When I visited the online page of The Body Shop (Click here), I was actually pretty disappointed that it’s not updated. I know that they have a new look for their body mists and they also have some scents that are in the site that have already been discontinued (as far as I know). Weird. Oh well, I guess it’s really the prerogative of the company if they would want to update their site or not but from a consumer’s point of view, I think websites (especially companies as big as The Body Shop) should always keep their websites up to date.

Perfumes I’m Curious About 2012

“Sometimes one finds and old bottle which remembers from where all sprouts out lives a heart which returns.” – Baudelaire

I remember my mom telling me when I was younger, you’re soo maarte talaga compared to your sister. You love colognes and perfumes soo much. And that’s one of the reasons why one of our dogs almost bit me (hehe). Cause I was too mabango.

Honestly, I can’t remember buying colognes and perfumes. I think I always had a regular supply cause people would always give me – my lolas, my aunts, my friends. Hmm. Looking back did it actually say something about me? That I was actually mabaho? I truly hope not!

My love for perfumes came back last year when I was influenced by a friend (Ahem… Ahem… calling Au) who I know has a lot of perfumes in stock and even has suki who would agree to be paid on an installment basis.

Anyway, for the past few weeks, I was looking for a certain scent for a friend of mine who is currently in the states. She was looking for Anna Sui’s Flight of Fancy. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find it.

I checked out online and the mall and most of the stores were out of stock. I bought one for my friend that costs PHP 300 from this multiply site. I was shocked that it was soo cheap because when I asked the store Fresh in Eastwood Mall, they said that it would cost around PHP 4,200.

I asked the seller why it soo cheap and she said that it’s Singapore. She said that it’s almost the same with the scent except that the original would last longer than the Singapore version. The Singapore version is said to last around 6 hours and more than 24 hours on fabric.

Actually, I’m not that surprised at all. When I was in a Singapore a few years back, I remember distinctly that I bought some really cheap perfumes. They told me that they were testers that they didn’t use and did not sell it with the boxes.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if it’s original or not (well for me) for as long as you smell good! (Right?)

So now, I’m presenting to you the top 5 Perfumes that I’m Curious About. Any comments and suggestions will be much appreciated!

1.)    Coach Poppy Flower

According to Sephora, a bright and charming fragrance with a romantic side, Poppy Flower Eau de Parfum mixes light, fruity notes with soft florals and a flirty trail.

Why I am curious: I know of Coach but they have not been very popular with their fragrances. They have been more popular as a bag brand.

Price in Sephora: USD 85 (approximately PHP 3,825)

In Multiply: Cannot be found…

2.)    Calvin Klein Euphoria

According to Sephora, Euphoria is about sexiness, fantasy and being captivating. Sexy and sensual, euphoria speaks to the woman who has the urge to break free from everyday life – to provocatively be part of an exciting world filled with pleasure, surprise, and temptation. Her fragrance is a contrast between exotic fruits and seductive florals, for a rich, creamy, seductive signature.

Price in Sephora: USD 80 (approximately PHP 3,600)

In Multiply: PHP 2,100 (Check out this site)

3.)    Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

According to Sephora, this floral explosion releases a profusion of flowers that has the power to make everything seem more positive. Magically evocative notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden, away from reality.

Price in Sephora: USD 150 (approximately PHP 6750) *way too expensive

In Multiply: No price but available here.

4.)    Clean Warm Cotton

According to Sephora, cozy up to CLEAN Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum, a fragrance that captures the comforting scent of just-out-of-the-dryer freshness. Blending the crispness of freshly laundered linens into an understated fragrance that is soft and subtly sexy, CLEAN Warm Cotton is perfect for the modern woman who is confident enough to let herself – not her fragrance –  command attention.

Price in Sephora: USD 69 (approximately PHP 3, 105)

In Multiply: PHP 2,350 (Check out this site)

5.)    Dior Addict to Life

According to Sephora, for the confident woman who knows what sh wants, she lives life fully and intensely. Dior Addict to Life is an addictive floral that opens with a bouquet of precious flowers. The bouquet has a natural freshness with sparkling rose, vibrant jasmine, lilac, and white musk.

Price in Sephora: USD 90 (approximately PHP 4050)

In Multiply: Cannot be found…

What about you? What’s your 2012 Perfume List?

Credits of Images: Flight of Fancy, Coach Poppy Flower, Calvin Euphoria, Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, Clean Warm Cotton, Dior Addict to Life

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