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19 Juice Cleanse in the Philippines

Yes, January is DETOX month. After all of the eating that we have done in the past month or so, we should definitely pay attention to our bodies. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a deal at Deal Grocer for a 1-day detox at Detoxify Bar.

Fortunately for you, when I checked, there were still some available.  🙂

But just in case you want something else, and for my future reference as well, I’m listing everything down here so that I have something to go to once I decide to do a cleans again! 🙂

1.) Juju Cleanse

1 - Juju Cleans

1-Day Cleanse is PHP 2500. There are also Juju Coldpress Solos that are available priced at PHP 200 each. But for delivery, you have to order 6 bottles or more. As for the Juju Booster kits, are available at PHP 1350 each (with Juju cooler bag and icepack) or PHP 1200 (without the add ons).

Website: http://www.jujucleanse.com

2.) Juice Jab

2 - Juice Jab

Mild Jab – PHP 1700 which contains 2 bottles/day for 3 days. Moderate Jab is – PHP 3,200 for 4 bottles for 3 days.

Jab Meals for Mild Jabs – PHP 2600 per day for 2 bottles/day for 3 days and 2 meals/day for 3 days. On the other hand, the Moderate Jab Meals is for PHP 3650 which includes 4 bottles/day for 3 days and I meal/day for 3 days.

They also have Jolts which is a 2-day or a 5-day enhancement program that will have you taking juices as supplement to your meals. The 2-day Jolt is priced at PHP 1,100 for 3 bottles/day and the 5-day Jolt is for PHP 2,450 for a 3 bottles/day kit.

There are also Jolt Meals that can supplement your Jolt Drinks. 2-days is PHP 2000 which includes 3 bottles/day and 3 meals/day. While a 5-day is priced at PHP 4700 which includes 3 bottles per day and 3 meals/day.

Website: http://www.juicejab.com

Check out my juice jab experience before.

3.) Detoxify Bar

3 - Detoxify Bar

1-day detox is PHP 1350.

Website: http://detoxifybar.com

4.) Spruce Cold Pressed Juices

4 - Spruce Cold Pressed Juices

For delivery, you have to order 2 days in advance with a minimum of 6 bottles at PHP 1,500. The SRP is PHP 250/350 ml bottle except for Kale drinks which costs PHP 300/bottle. For cleanses/detox, they don’t have a suggested set but you can also customize.

Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/drinkspruce

5.) In the Pink

5 - In the Pink

1-day Cleanse is PHP 800.

Facebook Fan Page: Https://www.facebook.com/inthepinkjuicehousemanila

6.) Detox in a Bottle

6 - Detox in a Bottle

Weightloss Formula is PHp 2,500.day and the Cleanse Formula is PHp 2,000/day.

Website: http://www.detoxinabottle.com

7.) Sly Diet

7 - Sly Diet

Juice Beginner with is a 1-Day Plan is PHP 2,225.00. This includes 6 juices, 1 vegan/glutton Free Meal, 1 Power Bar, 1 Lemon Fruit and 1 –Thermal Bag.

Website: http://www.slydiet.com

8.) Squice

8 - Squice

No information about their pricing over at their Fan Page but looks promising as well. 🙂

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/squiceph

9.) Coco Green

9 - COco Green

PHP 250/350 ml bottle. So around, PHP 1500 per day.

Website: http://www.cocogreen.ph/

10.) Sweet Earth Extracts

10 - Sweet Earth Extracts

PHP 150/bottle. But I still need to get a price list of this. 🙂

Instagram: http://instagram.com/sweetearthextracts/

11.) Juice Bomb Philippines

11 - Juice Bomb PH

Not sure if they are still into this business because the last post was in 2014. Anyway, it’s still worth a try. 🙂

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/juicebombph

12.) The Health Potion

12 - The Health Potion

PHP 180 per bottle. Not sure if they are also still in the business because their last post was in 2014.

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/thehealthpotion

13.) Detoxiholic

13 - Detoxiholic

Not sure how much because there’s not price information. Also, not sure if they’re still into this business. We shall see. 🙂

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/detoxiholic

14.) Jus Bar

15 - Jus Bar

It’s PHP 1500 for a 1-day cleanse which contains 8 bottles, 1 small bag and 1 tea.

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/iamjusbar

15.) Juice Hut


15 - Juice Hut

1-day cleanse is PHP 1,100 which includes 1 bottle of Lemon Detox (250 ml), 5 bottles of Pure Blends (250 ml), 1 bottle of Almond Milk (250 ml), 1 pc Organic Tea, Thermal Bag and Cleanse Guide.

Website: http://www.juicehutmanila.com

16.) The Skinny Juicery

16 - The Skinny Juicery

Nurture Skinny is for 1 day which costs PHP 1700. This includes 6 bottles of juice and 2 bags of yogi tea.

Website: http://www.theskinnyjuicery.com/

17.) Rawlicious

17 - Rawlicious

PHP 150/500 ml and PHP 220.

Website: http://rawliciouswellness.com/

18.) Sexy Detox

18 - Sexy Detox

1-Day Cleanse for Regular House Blend – PHP 1150, 1-Day Cleanse for Premium Blend – PHP 1290, 1 Day Mix Blend – PHP 1230.

Website: http://www.sexydetox.ph/

19.) Juice Barista

19- Juice Barista

Around PHO 250 – PHP 300 per bottle. Check out my Juice Barista experience before.

Website: http://www.thejuicebarista.com/

Amazing! I actually got shocked! We have around 19 different companies offering this kind of thing. I think that just simply means that Filipinos are becoming more and more health conscious by the day.

If you think I missed out anything, let me know and add the contact in the comment below. I would gladly check them out as well. J

If in any way, you would like to make your own juice cleanse, check out this article.

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