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My Favorite Online Shopping Sites

Shopping is my cardio

Before I forget anything, I just want to list everything that I go to relax my mind at night. You know, after a super stressful day at work, sometimes, I just want to stare at the computer and think of nothing. There’s nothing more relaxing for me than browsing through online shopping sites! It’s just like window shopping but online. Looking at new, cool and unique stuff really gives me a high. But lately, NO shopping for me still. Yes, being the frugal me.


There are the sites that I check out every now and then. These are Philippine sites.

International Sites

This post is “to be continued…” I’m sleepy already therefore, I shall sleep. Goodnight everyone! 🙂

This Week’s Shopping: Goody, Sperry, Taste Central, The Body Shop

Yes, I know that in the start of the year, I vowed to myself that I will not shop that much. But much to my dismay, I always find a “reason” to shop. But that’s okay. But I know that I am really happy with the things that I have purchased.

First off, I got this Goody Product.


Goody has a product line called Goody Simple Styles. This product line aims to make it easier for the normal folks to style their hair. This is actually pretty cool because I really am the WORST at fixing my hair. I got this product because I have a wedding to attend on the 22nd of June and it’s soo early- 8 AM! Obviously, there would not be any open parlors at 6 AM. So there, I hope this helps me fix my hair and look presentable. 😉

Second: Sperry.


This is my first pair of Sperry and I am hoping that it will not be my last because there are still some styles they that I truly love. And this is canvass. I really want one that’s leather. Thank you to my office for having a sale at the office. Only downside, the things that they have on sale were the stuff from their Q1 stock. But that’s okay. I got this cheaper. And it’s useful. And I feel cool for having a pair. Now I’m wishing that they would have another sale and that it would already have the style that I want. 🙂

Next: Taste Central + Shu Uemura.

Taste Central

I am going on a trip in a few days and as I was packing my bag yesterday (yes, i did pack as early as yesterday because I’ve been soo busy). I realized that I “needed” lip gloss/lip balm. I had C.O. Bigelow before and it really saved me and been my companion all throughout my France Trip (3 months). I was soo sad when i finished the tube and i was actually contemplating on ordering from the States. So, imagine my happiness when I found out that Taste Central offered it over website. 🙂 So, thank you Taste Central for bringing this to Manila. I will forever LOVE you.

In addition to that, another favorite brand of mine – Shu Uemura, was (and I think still is) offerring 2 lip glosses for a very cheap price of PHP 490. Yes, they’re really small but that makes it even cuter because you can bring it everywhere and especially on my trip YAY! 🙂 Soo excited. I just know that it’s going to be EPIC!

PLUS: They gave me again 10% discount voucher. So I’m still thinking of what I should buy. Hihi. (Addict.) I really love you Taste Central. And you’re soo fast. I ordered yesterday and it was delivered today. WOW.

Last: The Body Shop

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals

This is my favorite compact cream foundation. It’s mineral and it does cover really well. I love this because it’s almost full coverage (you know, I don’t have flawless skin anymore :() and it’s compact. I think this is my 3rd one already. So, the Love Your Body Card for me from The Body Shop is really SUPER SULIT! Love you too, The Body Shop.

This one I wanted to share with you…

The Body Shop just came out with a new product line called Cruelty Free Make Up Line by Leona Lewis.

The Body Shop Cruelty Free make Up

Cruelty Free Collection by Leona Lewis

Cute, huh?

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with that and here’s to wishing you a GREAT weekend ahead. 🙂

Taste Central: Beauty Spree Giveaway!

As promised, I am back. And with lots of good news. Remember yesterday I was raving about Taste Central? Well, today, Taste Central is giving away some really cool Beauty products to all of you Manila Shopaholic readers because they love you soo much! They love you soo much and they would like to pamper you with some of the great finds in their site.

Here are the items that the winner will win:

1.) VitaOils – Mulberry Healing Oil Set

Taste Central Mulberry Healing Oil

2.) VitaOils – Invigorating Spa Retreat Set

Taste Central Vita Oils

3.) Pangea Organics – Pyrenese Lavender Shower Gel

Pangea Organics Shower Gel Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom

4.) Pangea Organics – Lavender with Cardamom Lip Care

Pangea Organics Lip Balm Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom

5.) Pangea Organics Lavender with Cardamom Body Lotion

Pangea Organics Hand and Body Lotion Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom

All of which costs around PHP3,000. Just one winner!!

How to Join:

1.) Follow @TasteCentralPH and @MnlaShopaholic on Twitter

2.) Tweet about the beauty product must have from Taste Central.

3.) Tag both @TasteCentralPH and @MnlaShopaholic so we could monitor the tweets.

4.) Use the following hastag: #TCBeautySpree

Sample: I would love to have the Jo Malone Lime Basil &Mandarin Cologne from @TasteCentralPH @MnlaShopaholic #TCBeautySpree



1.) Those who will tweet from April 3-17 are the only ones eligible for the giveaway.

2.) Winner of the Taste Central Beauty Spree Giveaway will be announced on the week of April 22-26

3.) We will only allow 3 entries per person/per Twitter name.

Ready now guys?? Go tweet!! 🙂

Taste Central: My Newest Online Shopping Favorite

You guys probably know by now how much of a sucker I am for online shopping. Yes, I know that I am a shopping-addict, something that I have to cure (no doubt) but can you blame me? Shopping online is soo convenient. Especially if you find something really cool and new and you can just get it at one click. Delivered to your doorstep instantly. Who wouldn’t fall for that?

Recently, there has been a buzz going around about Taste Central (https://tastecentral.com/). I am pretty sure that you guys have already seen it if you’re also a sucker for online deals. It’s the Official Partner retailer of Deal Grocer (https://dealgrocer.com/). Also, it was the first online store that actually offered the Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

Taste Central


What I love about the site?

First of all, you don’t have to have a separate log in. If you have Deal Grocer account, you can already use that account as well. I really love all of these integrating things. Makes it less of a hassle for all of those people who would love to sign up. If you don’t have a Deal Grocer account (which I seriously doubt. BUT if you don’t, I’d like to ask you, what’s wrong with you? Just kidding. ;)), you can also use your Facebook account. THIS one, I’m pretty sure you already have, right? 🙂

Taste Centra Lg In


Also, when you sign up, you also have the option to invite your friends, if and when your friends spend around PHP 5,000 and you were the one who invited them to join Taste Central, then you will get PHP 500 credits. It’s worth a try! 😉

Taste Central Friend Referral

In addition to that, shopping is made really easy because it has already been segregated into – Home & Living, Women, Men, Kids, and Food. It also has a link to your Wish List stuff and to Deal Grocer.

Taste Central Segregation

Oh can I just say, this wait listed thing is also very cool because at least you won’t feel that bad about the things that you missed out on! Although I personally haven’t tried it out yet and if they’re going to contact you once the item is available already.

Taste Central Wait List

So what did I get?

Phytomer Souffle Marine Oxygenating Serum

Originally PHP3,200 but I got it for PHP 1762

Taste Central Phytomer Souffle Marin


Phytomer Cleansing Duo

Originally PHP 3175 but I got it for only PHP 1889

Taste Central Phtyomer Cleansing Duo


Vitacreme B12 Regenerative Creme

Originally PHP 1895 but I got it for only PHP 1135

Taste Central Vitacreme B12

Mulberry Healing Oil Set

by VitaOils

Originally PHP 700 but I got it for PHP 560

Taste Central Mulberry Healing Oil


Invigorating Spa Retreat Set


Originally PHP 600 got it for PHP 480

Taste Central Vita Oils

Everything was truly fantastic! And you know what? I ordered them at around 1:00 PM when I was at the office (*sheepish green*) and when I got home at around 8:00 PM, I already had a HUGE box from Taste Central. I was soo giddy yesterday that it felt like Christmas!! Thank you Taste Central for making my day yesterday. MWAAAAH!

Want them to make your day too?? Check them out at this link!

P.S. Taste Central has such great products! And I’m going to share some with you! 😉 Check Manila Shopaholic again tom. Bye loves! <3

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