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Fashion Rev Manila

Mark your calendars. I know it’s probably 3 months away, but I want you to save the date – October 1 (birthday of my sister – Manila Reviews) – 2, from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM at the Megatent on Meralco Avenue at the Ortigas Center, Fashion Rev Manila, a fashion and Lifestyle Bazaar will be held. There will be around 150 Participating Vendors – so more choices for shopping for you. Also, there will be a free modeling and basic photography workshop. If you want to be part of this event, please email metroepisode.events@gmail.com or metrobazaar11@yahoo.com.

If you want to be a concessionaire or a sponsor, you can get additional 10% early bird discount if you contact Jane at 0917-537 5263 or Socs at 0917-528 0322 before July 30. So you have 7 more days. HURRY!

Fashion Rev

Dolce Vida 2011 Collection in the Philippines

Sometimes, all you need are the right accessories to complete an outfit. We found jewelry that you might want to check. I stumbled upon Vida Jewelries and found her products quite interesting.

This particular collection caught my eye. This is The Dolce Vida 2011 Collection.

The Tanya Bracelet
The Tanya Bracelet from The Dolce Vida 2011 Collection
The Flo Bracelet
The Flo Bracelet from The Vida Collection 2011
The Kris Bracelet
The Kris Bracelet from The Dolce Vida 2011 Collection
The Tigress Bracelet
The Tigress Bracelet from The Dolce Vida 2011 Collection
The Papyrus Bracelet
The Papyrus Bracelet from The Dolce Vida 2011 Collection

These enamel bracelets were set on silver. They had magnetic enclosures to have it worn and taken off easily. These bracelets range from Php 750 to Php 1,500.

These bracelets were introduced to the Philippine market by Ms. Vida Tan Lim. You can check out the other products that she has in The Vida Jewelries website.

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