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So Fab! for Fabulous Shoes

Since an event that I went to at Intercontinental Hotel, Manila ended early, I opted to stay in Glorietta 5, with my friend Aldwin, so I could wait for my husband, EJ. I was resisting the temptation to buy new clothes, bags and most especially shoes. Recently, I got bitten by what I think may be called the Stillettos Bug. It’s a rare kind of bug that bites women, especially during pay day.

I was circling the mall, but was drawn to this shoe store that offered different kinds of unique shoes. The store is called So Fab! I’m sure some of you may have seen shoes with this brand in multiply or in facebook.

Check out why I was drawn to these shoes.

So Fab! Suede Shoes
So Fab! Blue and Yellow platformsSo Fab! Peach and Yellow platform shoesSo Fab! SandalsSo Fab! Colorful Rope like SandalsSo Fab! Flower Sandals

I was drooling with all the nice shoes that I got to fit. I wanted to buy, but of course, I had to wait for my husband and ask him if we would still be within our budget for this month. We have agreed on a rule that I would only spend X amount for any “fashion” purchases. And these fashion purchases would be reviewed in this site. Having this rule is actually very challenging. It makes you look for the piece that you would love to review or would go for a look that you would want to share.

My husband agreed and I knew exactly what I wanted to get from So Fab! I’m attending a wedding this June 11, and I had to look for pumps that were silver or grey. I did not want plain shoes, but something that had character.

When I saw these shoes that were on sale (from Php 1299 to Php 699), I knew this was what I wanted to buy.
So Fab! Outlet
So Fab! Chronos Pumps

So Fab! Chronos
So Fab! Chronos

It was perfect for the gown that I’m having made. The cute little bead work and little feathers on the side made it a standout. I can’t wait to show you the finished and polished look.

Thanks to So Fab! I didn’t have a hard time looking for comfortable and fabulous shoes!

Contact Details:
So Fab!
Website: So Fab! Website
Facebook Page: So Fab!

Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel

I’m more of a bag lover than a shoe lover. It’s probably because I have a time looking for shoes that fit perfectly since I have a bunion. Recently, however, there have been really good looking shoes that are hard to resist. After my recent stiletto purchase from Payless, I have been addicted to scouting (yes, just scouting) for shoes. I have been successful in spotting really nice shoes, and one of the site I frequent is MunizShoes.com.

What I love about Muniz Shoes is that it is 100% Filipino — Carmina Villarroel, a Filipino actress, designed these shoes and most of the materials that she uses is locally sourced plus these are created by Filipino craftsmen.

These are the models that I am eyeing:

Sheila - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel
Sheila - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel

Evelyn - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel
Evelyn - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel

Beatrice - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel
Beatrice - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel

Carmela - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel
Carmela - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel

Gianellie - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel
Gianellie - Muniz Shoes by Carmina Villarroel

If you want to order, they have a very simple ordering process in place.

To order, just visit MunizShoes.com then…
1. Navigate to the shoe you want. Select your size, style (if available) and quantity and click Add to Cart.
2. When you are done shopping, click on the Checkout button (found on the lower left-hand side of the page).
3. After reviewing that the items you ordered are correctly listed, fill-up the form below your shopping cart and follow the instructions on the rest of the page.
4. Click Proceed to Confirmation.
5. You will receive an email notification that your order was received.
6. Muniz Shoes will contact you with the details of your order.

I haven’t ordered yet since I do not know what size I am. With my bunion, it’s so hard to say if I am an 8 or 8.5. My feet are wierd… buuuhuu! I hope that they get to have a brick and mortar store so that I can try out these shoes, and choose what fits well. I heard that they send stocks to Ensembles Trinoma, but I haven’t gone to there yet. I’ll probably check it out next week.

For those who are shoe addicts, Muniz Shoes is a good brand to get if you want to support the Filipino shoe industry! Do let us know if these shoes are comfortable. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Contact Details:
Muniz Shoes Website

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