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Make Your Own Havaianas 2013: Where Can Your Imagination Take You?

Oh my, MYOH is here once again. And I’ve missed this. I have been to a couple of these events in the past but for the past couple of years, I’ve been extremely busy and was out of the country so I wasn’t really able to go. But now that I am here, well, I’m most probably going to go back and feel the fun and excitement of it all again! YAY! SOO excited.


One of the most recognizable figures in the world of Art, Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”


Since 2006, the world’s favorite flip-flops brand, Havaianas, has been committed to fuelling the imagination and creativity of every Havaianatico in the Philippines with Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH). With this, the brand unravels the endless possibilities brought by the imagination through color palettes and pin selections that make every sole come alive with its own tale.


More than a platform for mixing and matching soles and straps, Make Your Own Havaianas is raising the bar on self-expression this 2013 by opening up new heights where every Havaianatico’s imagination can take off and soar.

Traditionally, Make Your Own Havaianas features a commemorative pair that best visualizes the theme for the year. Introducing this year’s theme for Make Your Own Havaianas—“Imagination”—the  brand launches its first-ever collaboration with a Filipino Illustrator and Havaianatico, Dan Matutina, who is renowned for his unique visual mix of handmade and digital, clean and dirty, and old and modern aesthetics.’ With his love for combining colors with different textures and shapes to tell a story, and the thrill and vibrancy inherent to Havaianas, it was no fluke how this collaboration took place between the two.

Dan Matutina Pair with soles 1

“Dan Matutina + Havaianas” will be the first glow-in-the-dark MYOH commemorative pair with carbon blue sole and showing two spacemen with space markers connecting the stars to form images—representing how Havaianas invites each and everyone to let loose their creativity brought about by their boundless imagination.

Prepare to be blown away as Havaianas is set to, once again, bring rousing touches  to celebrate your creativity and self-expression. Mark your calendars and gear up to explore greater heights with Make Your Own Havaianas 2013.

Make your own Havaianas 2013 is set to be launched on May 2 – 5 at The Rockwell Tent.



Learn more about Dan Matutina. Check out this page.

More about Havaianas?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/havaianasphilippines

Twitter: www.twitter.com/HavaianasPhils

Instagram: www.instagram.com/HavaianasPhils

Limited Edition Havaianas + UAAP Collection

Yep, for a lot of people it’s the time of the year again wherein they watch the blow by blow account of what’s going on in the UAAP. Unfortunately for me, I never had the same experience since the school that I went to was not part of the UAAP. So I never really experienced the kind of school spirit and never really rooted for any team. Yes, I was very apathetic.

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What is Summer to You?

Summer according to Wikipedia is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, between spring and autumn. Here in the Philippines, we don’t really feel the 4 different seasons. It’s just summer and everything else. But after the Christmas holidays, when everyone is back to work or back to school and everything returns to normal, the next thing that everyone prepares for is Summer.

I looked for when summer starts in the Philippines (officially) but it does not say. From what I know, usually, the school year ends in March and that usually marks the beginning of Summer. But for purpose of reference, Spring Equinox is on March 20, 2011 and Summer Solstice is on June 21, 2011.

But, really what is summer for you? For me, when I was young, summer was a time when I was soo free and I had soo much time to do whatever I wanted. When I grew up and graduated from school, summer had a different meaning. Yes, I was more restricted. Yes, I did not have time to do whatever I wanted because I still had a schedule to keep. BUT, it was a time when I could schedule vacations or trips to places that I wanted to see.

This time around, Havaianas defined it differently. Check out their video below and find out what summer is to them…

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Pininho Promo: Second Installment

Yup, this is the second installment of the Pininho Promo Winners. And we have here the picture from Abigail. She was given a pin with the inscription “True Love” and definitely, she has found her True Love in the form of a pink heart pinned to her silver slim slippers. Very cute indeed! Check out the picture below. 😉

Pininho Promo Winner!

Hey, hey guys! I’d like to share with you some photos from the winners of the Pininho promo that we held last month! All of them already got their Pininhos and some have already shared with us the pictures of their Pininho on their slippers. So, for the first installment, I’m going to share with you Ava’s pictures.

Ava gave the following answer to the Pininho Promo:

“i would design it with glittery dragonflies since i super love dragonflies!”

Her answer was one of the chosen once and she was given this really cute apple pin which she placed on her Brazil slippers. Cool, huh? It actually evened out the one sided design of this style of slippers.

Thanks again for joining the promo Ava! I hope that you continue reading Manila Shopaholic and loving your newly Expressorized Havaianas! 🙂

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