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Best Shopping Destinations Around the World.

I came across this article over the internet (click here) because I was looking for a place that I’ve always wanted to go but never have been. Being someone who loves to go around but is a self-confessed shopper, obviously the places I would pick to go to are the places that have something substantial to see (something historic or popular) and a place where there is somewhere to buy things. Yes, for keepsakes, memories, etc. Yes, I am such a consumer.

According to this article, these are the places that you have to go and see:

  1. Harrods. London. UK.
  2. Saks Fifth Avenue. New York. The USA.
  3. Quartier 206. Berlin. Germany.
  4. Gum. Moscow. Russia.
  5. Fashion Shows. Las Vegas. The USA.
  6. Corso Como. Milan. Italy.
  7. Galeries Lafayette. Paris. France.
  8. De Bihenkorf. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.
  9. Eaton Center. Toronto. Canada.
  10. Wako. Tokyo. Japan.

I have only gone to No. 7. – Galeries Lafayette.  Since it’s a mall, it’s like a super high end Rustan’s where all of the brands (high end brands) are stored into. I personally wasn’t able to buy anything there because it was too high end. If you’re in France, I suggest that the only thing you buy is a bag. Since most of it is cheap. Case in point: Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, La Baggagerie, Lancel, etc. Also, when you buy EURO 175 (in a single receipt), you can have a tax rebate when you get out of France (which makes your bag cheaper).

So, I guess, the next places that will be on top of my list to visit would be, the UK, US,  Russia, Netherlands, Canada, and Japan. Gosh! All these places are expensive places and I seriously have no idea why they are the top 10 Best Shopping Destinations around the world. This depresses me. It just means that you have to have a lot of money before you go to these place and a lot more money if ever you want to shop!

My Own Top Shopping Destinations around the World.

If I may, write my top 7 (just because I can’t think of any other place anymore) best shopping destinations around the world, it would be this:

  • Philippines.

Philippines Shopping

We’ve got so much here in the Philippines to offer. First off, we have Greenhills. For all of the bargain hunters. We’ve got a wide selection of pearls, semi-precious stones, etc. Yes, we have a lot of imitation stuff which I’m pretty sure the foreigners go crazy for.

  • Germany.

Germany Shopping

It’s such a little town but if you’re into chocolates (Lindt, Milka, etc.), this is the place to be. On top of that Germany is such a wonderful place where there are a lot of outlet stores. Check out this link. There’s Hugo Boss, Escada, Reebok. That’s all in Metzingen. If there was one place that I’d like to go back to and really explore, that would be Germany. Aside from the fact that it’s super clean, the shopping is fantastic.

  • Italy.

Italy Shopping

When I went to Italy, the only thing I bought were rosaries. I bought really nice rosaries from the Vatican museum. I didn’t go to Milan but some of my friends went and they said that it’s scary in Milan because there are a lot of pickpockets. Apparently, one of our friends was sure that her bag was closed and the second she looked at it, it was open already. Good thing she didn’t lose anything.

  • France.

France Shopping

Yes, I’d love to go to France again. I had such a great time in France buying stuff especially BAGS! It was bag heaven for me. Longchamp was very, very cheap. At that time the exchange rate was 1 EURO = PHP 60 . What more now, 1 EURO = 54 PHP!

  • Thailand.

Thailand Shopping

Thailand for me is really a great place for bargain hunters. You have malls there that look familiar (just like malls here in the Philippines) and they go on sale. The nice thing about the sale is that they put even good items on sale (unlike here sometimes in the Philippines). On top of that, you also have MBK and Platinum where you can buy tiangge-like items and you can really get a bargain.

  • Singapore.

Singapore Shopping

I loved Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale. In Thailand, you can get really cheap clothes. In Singapore, you can really get cheap shoes! (and sometimes clothes as well). Most of the well-known shoe brands here in Manila are actually Singapore based such as Charles and Keith, VNC, Schu, etc.

  • Hong Kong.

BUT, it has been a LONG time since I last went to Hong Kong and all I can remember is that there was Giordano, Bossini and Esprit at every corner. But I remember that shopping was also great!

List of Places I Want To Go, See and Shop At.

First part of this article would be the best shopping destinations around the world. Next part would be in my opinion what are the best shopping destinations around the world. This part would just include the places that I want to Go, See and Shop At. Hopefully in the near future but definitely in this lifetime.

  • UK.

To visit Harrod’s. Hoard on Marks and Spencer, Topshop, Accessorized and to buy my very own Cambridge Satchel Bag.

  • The USA.

USA Shopping

To visit the outlet stores and to fill my luggage with Old Navy and buy a new Coach Bag.

  • Russia

Russia Shopping

I don’t know why but I’m sure that would be pretty interesting.

  • The Netherlands.

THe Netherlands Shopping

How come when I think of Amsterdam, a different thing comes to my mind? Hehe.

  • Canada.

Canada Shopping

To visit the Smallville set.

  • Japan

Japan Shopping

To buy the Longchamp specific to Japan and to see Cherry Blossoms!!

The next places, I have already visited. But these are the places that I want to go back to. 🙂

  • Germany

To see Berlin, buy the original cologne from Cologne, eat sausages at Frankfurt and shop at Stuttgart and Metzingen.

  • Italy

To enjoy more Rome, to go to the other cities such as Florence, Milan Naples, Pisa and Venice!

  • France

To see Paris again. The Churches – Notre Dame and Sacre Couer. To go to Paris Disneyland and Versailles. Drink wine at Bordeaux. Live in Strasbourg again. Stay at room 101 Adagio (the best room ever!), go and pray at the Cathedral de Strasbourg. Shop to my heart’s content at Printemps, Galleries Lafayette. Visit H&M at Strasbourg. Ride the bus to Ikea. Cross the bridge and buy chocolates at Kehl.

  • Hong Kong

To go to Disneyland.

What about you? What are the places or countries that you’d like to go to?

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