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Some Thoughts on Tango, H&M, Bench, Penshoppe, Cherry Mobile

Hey, Everyone!

It’s good to be back. 13 days in hiatus in fact. It’s probably because of the Taiwan trip. The fact that I was on leave to catch up on my non-work life for a week. And the catching up that I had to do for the first part of this week for work. It’s actually driving me crazy and I am so happy that I actually have this outlet to write and to just think about things that make me happy. HAHA.

Anyway, I read some of the comments that people leave on my blog and I am very sad to say that Tango has had 2 negative feedbacks on this particular post. Although I personally never had a bad experience with them when I used to shop for them. But of course, it’s still important for people especially sales ladies to have the interest of their customers in mind. So I hope that if someone from Tango or T&M would be able to read this, or this blog, I truly do hope that you do something about it. Your products are really nice and it’s such a waste for a brand to be tainted with bad publicity just because of inattentive folks.

As for this post about H&M, there was a comment there that we should be buying more Filipino brands such as Bench and Penshoppe which I admit is true.

20120926 H&M Website

About Bench and Penshoppe, I would also love to do some shopping there but honestly before, when I was a little bigger, I also had a difficulty finding my size in these brands. That’s the reason why I also shifted to imported brands because it was easier for me to find my size in those brands. But of course! I would also encourage everyone to buy from Filipino brands. After all, love your own!

20120926 Bench

BTW, kudos to Bench for being able to get Jessica Sanchez as their endorser! 🙂

20120926 Penshoppe

And kudos to Penshoppe for being able to get Ed Westwick. I am honestly a fan of the bad boy, Chuck Bass.

The post about Cherry Mobile on the other hand, I get comments about this every now and then and the funny thing is, I honestly do not know if this particular phone still exists!

20120926 Cherry Mobile

And seriously, Cherry Mobile, I think you’re very popular!

So there you go guys! Here are just my thoughts on your comments and posts which I truly love and cherish!

Love always,

Manila Shopaholic

H&M in the Philippines in September?

I just read this over Twitter and I’m not sure if it’s true. Well, if it is, have you heard? Drop me a note! I will be waiting. Oh, and I’m waiting for an invite, too. Haha. Universe, take your natural course. I believe that I will get an invite to the opening of H&M in MOA (Mall of Asia) in September. Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!

Send me some love! <3 if you know anything about this okay? 😉

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