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Esprit de Noel Bazaar Tomorrow

Esprit de Noel Bazaar

Tomorrow is the day that we all have been waiting for. The start of the Esprit de Noel Bazaar! Thank you again to everyone who has joined the bazaar and congratulations to the winner! But for all of those who didn’t win, don’t fret! There’s still a chance to win an iPhone 4 during the Bazaar itself. All you have to do is show up, have fun and shop!

Why you should go to the Esprit de Noel Bazaar AGAIN?

1.) You can win an iPhone 4! The organizers will be raffling off 2 units of this.

2.) PLUS, you can also win items from the sponsors of their bazaar!

See you guys there! 🙂

Esprit de Noel Bazaar: Apartment 8

Want the perfect outfit for every occasion? You should check out Apartment 8 at the Esprit de Noel Bazaar at the A. Venue Events Hall. You can pick out the perfect outfit for your gimmicks with friends or for the office Christmas Party. Hey! You really have to think of all of these events since it’s the season to PARTY! 🙂

Esprit de Noel Bazaar: Bachelor’s Pad

It’s rare to find booths in bazaars that cater to men. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way, but to all those who have the same sentiments, say YES! =)

As I was browsing some of the brands and the pics of the items that will be in the Esprit de Noe Bazaar, I came across the name Bachelor’s Pad. Unsure of what they would be selling, I clicked on the album.

Clicky, clicky.

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Congratulations Abby D.!

Congratulations to Abby D. for winning the Esprit de Noel Bazaar Contest Promo from Esprit de Noel Bazaar! I will be contacting you on how you will be able to get your prize!

Thanks to everyone who have joined the contest and thank you soo much for supporting Manila Shopaholic! 🙂

Esprit de Noel: My Korean Rose

I have a new discovery. Korean Clothes! I was looking for coats and all and I noticed that it’s really hard to find it here in the Philippines. You can usually find one in the stores of the imported brands. However, these are really a bit pricey. So I was trying my luck to find one online and most of the stuff that I found were from Korean Shops that were selling clothes online.

Although of course, I cannot really atest yet to the quality of these items because I haven’t really received my order yet. BUT, I will let you know once I get my order.

For you guys out there who wants to see some – you can visit the booth of My Korean Rose during the Esprit de Noel Bazaar at the A. Venue Events Hall on November 20-21. 😉

Esprit de Noel Bazaar: Featured Brands

Hi, Everyone!

Just wanted to share with you guys the different brands that will be joining the Esprit de Noel Bazaar on November 20-21 at the A. Venue Hall in Makati. Definitely a SHOULD NOT MISS bazaar. 😉

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