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Binky Burrow: Holiday 2010

Yes, it’s the season again to be merry! And giving gifts and all. In other words, spending money! Aside from having the budget to buy gifts, another difficulty I always have is looking for something to give guys. I’m pretty sure guys will really disagree to this post but seriously, it’s hard to find a nice and affordable gift for guys.

So for you guys out there who are having a hard time looking for the perfect gift for the men in you life (your dad –> it would be cool to find a dad wearing one of these, brother, friend, boyfriend, etc.) this might be something that you can consider.

These are the new items from Binky Burrow. Some come in women’s sizes only but most come in both men’s and women’s. I really love the spunk and the different personalities that this bunny shows us.

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Spread the Binky LOVE!

One of the creator’s of Binky Burrow, Carlos, is celebrating his birthday today. Together with this very special day, Binky Burrow will be celebrating it by giving away 4 Binky Burrow itemsĀ  and one of them can be YOU!

How to join:

1.) You have to LIKE Binky Burrow’s Facebook Fanpage.

2.) Suggest Binky Burrow’s Fanpage to your friends. For every 10 friends equals to one (1) raffle entry so suggest as many friends as you can! Send screen shot of invite to binkyburrow@yahoo.com with your complete name and address (same as your name and address on the ID you’ll be presenting if you win), Facebook account name and contact number.

You can check out this link/album for more information.

Good luck guys!!

Binky Burrow: A more in depth look

By now I would have EXPECTED (demanding) that you would have probably already saw my post about Binky Burrow. However, looking back at the post, one would not really be able to truly appreciate what the items say or portray. Ironically, that is the beauty of graphic shirts. So here you go my graphic tee-lovers, a more in depth view of the goodies that Binky Burrow has in store for you!

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Summer Solstice Bazaar: Be cute and silly with Binky Burrow

Binky Burrow is a fresh brand that offers graphic clothing and lifestyle products with stand-out designs. Most of their designs focus on silly little bunnies who think and act like humans only more peculiar – each bunny has a distinct personality.

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