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10 of the Sweetest Quotes I’ve Ever Read. :)

Just because it’s Feb and we’re allowed to be a little cheesy. 🙂

2 - If ever there comes a day1.) When you’re “friend” is feeling down and you just want to make everything alright for them. 🙂


You Might Not Know This


2.) Just in case you never get together… 🙂

2 - If ever there comes a day


3.) When you can’t really tell them how you really feel 😛

3 - The Truth


4.) Cause yes, you hope that they find someone who’s right for them. And of course missing out on the part that you’re hopping that it’s you. 😛

4 - I Hope One Day

5.) Cause to you, they are simply amazing. 😛

5 If I Could Give YOu ONe THing

6.) Cause on the onset, you thought that it was nothing… hmm.. right! 😛

6 I Never Thought

7.) Cause they’re just favorite people in the world! <3

7 You're Pretty Much

8.) Hihi. Cheesy. Okay. 😛 Or maybe the guy. 🙂

8 I want to be the girl

9.) I’m speechless. 🙂

8 If Nothing Else

10.) Anticipation.

10 The Feeling You Get

Okay that’s it. Goodnight, folks 😛

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