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MS Finds: Top 10 Cool Money Banks!

One of the goals that we should have this year is to save money. And honestly, every single penny that we have can amount to millions for as long as we keep on saving them. Here are some of the cute money banks that I’ve found that would inspire us to save even those coins that make our wallets really bulky! 😛

1.) Emergency Money Bank

From Suck UK. PHP 495 at Ava.ph.

Emergency Money Bank

And this should only be broken when there is an emergency! 😛

2.) London Red Telephone Booth Novelty Coin bank

From Sifra Interiors and Objects. PHP 1,495 at Ava.ph.

2 - London Red Telephone Booth Novelty Coin Bank

This is pretty cool especially for those people who love to travel.

3.) Baby Piggy Bank

From 4M2U. PHP 220 at Quirks.

3 - Baby Piggy Bank

I’m biased about pigs. I really like pigs because I was born in the year of the Boar.

4.) Doodle a Coin Bank (Bear)

From 4M2U. PHP 295 at Quirks.

4 - Doodle a Coin Bank (Bear)

I am pretty sure the artistic folks out there would love this!

5.) Greedy Pig Money Bank

From SuckUK. PHP 450 at Quirks.

5 - Greedy Pig Money Bank

Cool think about this is that you can actually use any kind of container. Just use any mug or container that you have.

6.) My Next Trip Coin Bank.

From Balvi. PHP 450 at Quirks.

6 - My Next Trip Coin Bank

A wanderer? Then this is the one for you.

7.) The Currency Money Bank

From the Luckies of London. PHP 1195 from Quirks.

7 - The Currency Money Bank

For those people who have a lot of loose change from all of their travels!

8.) Tin Banks (Savin’ to Quit My Job)

From Blue Q. PHP 420 from Quirks.

8 - Tin Banks (Savin to Quit My Job)

For the simple person. 😛

9.) Stealing Itazura Coin Cat Money Box Piggy Bang with Meow (Strawberries)

From Generic. PHP 595 at Lazada.com.ph.

Kids will love this!!

10.) DIY Self-Sorting Coin Bank

If you have all of the time in the world, you can actually do this. Check out the tutorial here.

What about you? Have you found any super cute or cool money banks? Please do share them with me in the comment below! 🙂

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