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Posh Pocket Shoes: Shoe Party!

Woohoo. A Shoe Party in honor of the girl who loves shoes – Nadine of Posh Pocket Shoes.

First of all, I’d like to greet Nadine a very Happpy Birthday! 🙂 May you have a great birthday and may you have many more blessings to come! She actually has the same birthday as my sister of Manila Reviews. Drop her a note in her blog, I’m pretty sure that she will be soo happy to hear from you.

Anyway, going back… In honor of her birthday, Nadine decided to throw a Shoe Party for all of her friends and also for all of those people who are customers of Posh Pocket Shoes.

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Posh Pocket Shoes and Manila Shopaholic

I am generally a very shy person and I don’t usually talk to people who I don’t know. I guess it’s plainly because I feel like the other person might feel like – I’m “feeling close” or just weird. This actually makes it very difficult for me to come up to people and introduce myself as the “blogger” or “writer” for Manila Shopaholic. I always have this scene in my mind where in the other person will just say… “And so?” So I don’t usually introduce myself.

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Posh Pocket Shoes: Win Free Shoes!

Well, the rise of the fold-able shoes have emerged because of the many working women who are already commuting right now. Actually, they’re not just for those people who commute. They’re also for people who drive (like me) since you need flats and for those people who love walking around during different times of the day (going to the mall and distressing during lunch break – that’s me, too).

What’s really cool about these shoes are the fact that they are chic, compact and they look pretty. Pretty enough to be the back up shoes of you stilettos or whatever heeled shoes that you have. Aside from that, you can easily store them in your bag (work tote or laptop bag) and voila, you already have another pair of shoes ready for your use.

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