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Think of names synonymous with beauty, and you’re likely to think of the iconic faces of Pond’s memorable campaigns. This is because revering natural, flawless beauty is what Pond’s does best. And, with its commitment to celebrate the innate beauty of women the world over, Pond’s has even grown to be the partner of every Filipina who wants to embrace, celebrate, and even further enhance her own beauty.

Pond’s, the leading visionary in face care, delivers products that not only enhance natural beauty but also make a real difference in women’s lives. A commitment that started over 150 years ago, Pond’s and the Pond’s Institute continue to give unwavering care to Filipinas and their skin, successfully integrating beauty and romance into women’s lives.

The Faces Of Beauty
To celebrate 150 years of Pond’s and 20 years of the Pond’s Institute, Pond’s Philippines features 20 ladies who have grown to symbolize the mesmerizing beauty of the Filipina. These women, who are known for their ageless beauty and flawless style, represent the Filipina beauty as hailed by Pond’s. The special one-day-only photo exhibit will be exclusively mounted in the “Pond’s Institute Manila” and will showcase: Pond’s pioneer models Nicole Hernandez delos Angeles, actress Maricar Reyes, and interior designer Marilen Faustino Montenegro; models of innovations TV personality and model Kelly Misa, actress Karel Marquez, model and DJ Ornusa Cadness, TV and theater actress Denise Laurel, and photographer Sara Black; beauty and fashion icons mom and broker Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez, businesswoman Mai Kaufman, blogger and TV personality Divine Lee, self-enrichment consultant and trainer Marina Benipayo, model and image enhancement speaker Patty Betita, model and host Bianca Valerio and fashion columnist Celine Lopez; beauty experts model and writer Rissa Trillo and columnist and Project Runway Philippines judge Apples Aberin; and the faces of Pond’s at present supermodel and Project Runway Philippines host Tweetie de leon Gonzales, actress Carla Abellana, and child star and award-winning actress Angelica Panganiban. These ladies are testaments to Pond’s commitment to care for and understand the different needs of Filipina skin.

An institution where beauty and technology collide, the Pond’s Institute is where only the best skincare solutions for women are developed.

Beauty At The Source
Celebrating and enhancing beauty require a deep-seated appreciation of varying beauty types, a thorough analysis of women’s needs, and the complete understanding of technologies—all strengths of the Pond’s Institute. An institution where beauty and technology collide, the Pond’s Institute is where only the best skincare solutions for women are developed. Relying on its rich network of beauty experts and scientists from the Pond’s Institutes in New York, Madrid, Tokyo, and Shanghai, and now also from the Philippines, the Pond’s promise to deliver beauty transformations through revolutionary product innovations and experiences has never wavered, even across 58 countries.

Starting with the classic cold cream to the brand’s latest innovations in beauty and skin care, Pond’s features a revolutionary range of face care products, all with breakthrough formulations that offer solutions for all skin types with their best-proven oil-control, anti-aging, and whitening technologies.

Pond’s Beauty Assistants helps women recognize and understand what lies deep beneath their skin through skin analysis.

Be Part Of The Beauty Buzz
We want you to make your own beauty transformation a possibility. Visit the “Pond’s Institute” Manila booth at the SM Mall of Asia’s Main Mall Atrium and be one of the privileged ladies to experience beauty and technology when you join Pond’s beauty activities from June 15 to July 4. Know what lies deep beneath your skin through the free skin analysis that can be availed by all booth registrants. Also, learn how to care more for your skin as Pond’s Institute Manila offers a free derma consultation every Saturday and Sunday.

Beauty columnist Rissa Trillo learns more about Pond’s breakthrough formulations which offer solutions for all skin types with their best-proven oil-control, anti-aging, and whitening technologies.

Get more out of your beauty loot with discounts and freebies only from Pond’s—get a free facial massage for every P200 worth of purchase redeemable every day, score a free gift for every P500 worth of purchase/redeemable every day, and enjoy 20% discount on all Ponds Gold Radiance, Ponds Age Miracle, and Ponds Flawless White products from Friday to Sunday only at the Pond’s Institute Manila booth.

Be part of the beauty revolution that is Pond’s through the “Pond’s Institute.”

Get On the Kylie Fever with Pond’s Flawless White

Pond’s Flawless White, the unbeaten whitening range from the country’s no.1 skin care brand gives a once in a lifetime treat to its loyal consumers. Prepare to be enthralled and electrified with the performance of famed artist and icon Kylie Minogue as Pond’s Flawless White co-presents the much anticipated Aphrodite world tour concert here in Manila this coming July 5.

Beyond her chart topping hits and lasting career, Kylie Minogue is known for her beauty who has captivated the eyes of many. Now in her 40s, she revealed last year her secret to flawless radiant glow. Following her mom’s skin regimen, Kylie attested that she uses Pond’s Cold Cream on a regular basis and is one of the reasons for her beautiful and youthful skin.

It is indeed a perfect marriage that for her Manila leg of the Aphrodite world tour Pond’s Flawless White will co-present the concert. With Pond’s continuous efforts to give back to its avid users, you can be one of the 300 people to get a chance to watch your favorite music icon live!

Known to lighten skin and reduce dark spots in just 7 days, Pond’s Flawless White will be giving away more than 300 tickets to Kylie Minogue’s concert on July 5, 2011 8.00 P.M. at the Araneta Coliseum.

There are two ways to join the promo:

Follow Pond’s Philippines on Twitter (username: pondsph) and retweet this message: I use the Unbeaten power of Pond’s Flawless White to whiten everyday. Now I can use it to meet Kylie Minogue too! #Ponds_KylieMinogue 3 lucky winners can win 2 lower box tickets plus a chance to meet and greet Kylie Minogue on the day of the concert. Winners will be announced weekly (June 17, June 24 and July 1) on Pond’s Twitter and Facebook account.

More chances of winning when you buy P500 worth of Pond’s products inclusive of any Pond’s Flawless White in leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores in GMA. After purchase, shoppers shall accomplish the official raffle entry form from the Pond’s beauty advisor. 150 lucky shoppers will win 2 tickets (mix of upper A, upper B and lower box tickets) via a raffle supervised by a DTI representative. Winners will be contacted and will be announced on Pond’s facebook page (www.facebook.com/pondsphilippines) on July 2 and can claim their prizes at the Pond’s booth stationed in Araneta Coliseum on July 5, 2.00 P.M.

So try the unbeaten whitening of Pond’s Flawless White and you might have a chance to catch Kylie Minogue live in Manila! Visit www.facebook.com/pondsphilippines or ask our Pond’s beauty advisors
for more information.

*This is a press release from Pond’s Philippines

Pond’s Flawless White Unbeaten Whitening Challenge: The Big Reveal and Lessons Learned

My friend, Reena, is glowing. The once obvious pimple marks in her face are gone. Although, some marks are still there, I noticed that her skin became more flawless. The Pond’s Flawless White products really helped in clearing out most of the blemishes and marks. Her skin became smoother — almost like the skin of her idol Koreanovela stars!

reena before and after
Reena before and after using Pond's Flawless White

Aside from that, I noticed that she became more confident. I was amazed at how noticeable the change in her disposition was. People in the office noticed the positive change. She was more confident in giving presentations and in the way she dealt with people in the office. She was even bubblier than she was before!

This contest has made a positive impact in Reena, which I am very happy about. Since this is my last article, may I ask you to bear with me as I write about lessons that I have learned during this activity.

First of all, I would like to thank all our friends and family who voted for us. It’s so heart-warming to read messages from friends whom I haven’t had the chance to contact for the past years or family members who even if are abroad, took the time out to support us. Thank you very much and we truly appreciate it. Thank you, too, to my husband for the support and the love.

Most of all, I would like to thank my partner, Reena. I know that I haven’t had the chance to say this personally, but I would like to thank you for putting up with this activity and experiment for the past three weeks. I know that you agreed to do this because you didn’t want to let me down. I know that you sacrificed a lot, and I am super grateful for your friendship. Know that your friendship means a lot more to me than any prize in the world. Even if we don’t win, know that I will be forever thankful J!

Aside from learning that I have great friends and family, I also learned that being alive is such a beautiful thing. I learned that a life like this should not be wasted. We should all learn to live life to the fullest — loving people around us, sharing our talents and conquering our dreams.

Also, I learned that we should all go back to the basics. Having a clean body, mind and spirit is the key to make one look and feel beautiful. I thank Pond’s for helping us, Filipinas, achieve the physical beauty that we all long for.

Pond’s Flawless White Review (12 days after): Knowing is Half the Battle!

It has been twelve days, since my partner, Reena’s, first encounter with the Pond’s Flawless White line. Of course, before we placed these products on our skin, we studied and researched about it first. We wanted to know what we were getting into.

Everyone knows Pond’s. In fact, when we received the pack of the products that we were supposed to use for the competition, our “tisoy” boss, uttered that he remembers Pond’s being the night cream applied by his mom when he was younger. It was surprising for me since I always thought that creams were for those who wanted to become fair. I doubt it that my “tisoy” boss’s mom was dark.

Anyway, after reading about what Pond’s wanted to achieve, it became clearer to me. They understood that their market, the Asian women of the past and the present (and hopefully even the future) wanted flawless skin, free from blemishes, and not just pale and lighter skin. We then found out that Pond’s had a base of hundreds of scientists in Asia and all over the world to get the insight and feedback from these users to create the most suitable product for women like us.


For the Pond’s Flawless White line, these scientists have developed the VAO-B³ technology. It’s actually the acronym for three products combined to make the perfect flawless skin solution. V stands for Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant especially effective against UV induced cell damage and pigmentation. A stands for Allantoin, which is a powerful bioactive that has been recognized by US FDA as skin protectant, and boosts skin renewal. O stands for Optics system that delivers brightening and evening-out effects that subtly and instantly improve the skin tone to give a natural radiant look. B³ is also Niancinamid, which is the key ingredient. First discovered and patented by Unilever for Asian consumers, it prevents the migration of melanin from the lower layers of the skin to the upper layers, thus delivering visibly lighter skin.

Using the Pond’s Flawless White products, Reena went through the skin regimen that I previously wrote about. She followed it to the letter for the first 12 days. During the first few days of the regimen, pimples suddenly appeared. But brave Reena still continued the regimen. We received some advice from our co-workers that maybe it was just her skin adapting to the new products. True enough, after that week, the pimples subsided and some of the dark spots and pimple scars were gone.

Reena using Pond's Flawless White
Reena using Pond's Flawless White
Reena uses Pond's Flawless White
Reena uses Pond's Flawless White
Reena in Ilocos
Reena in Ilocos

It was also hard for Reena to keep to this regimen since she went on vacation recently. But, she stuck to it and never skipped any product. She even placed double the amount of the Pond’s Day Lotion when she had to go out and hang out with her friends under the sun.

A tip for everyone using facial care products is you should research on these products very well. Listen to feedback and read about the ingredients used by these products. There are a lot of reviews on these skin care products in the internet. Do your research and you’ll be okay!
We can already see the difference in Reena’s skin after she has used Pond’s for 12 days. Are you excited to see the effect of these products from Pond’s?

If you like our story, please go to this link: http://ponds.com.ph/unbeaten/blogs/gingerarboleda.php

Thank you so much to all those who have voted for us! Please continue to spread the word and read our story!

Photos from our friend Juancho! Thanks, Juanch!

Pond’s Flawless White Unbeaten Whitening Experience: First Impressions

Now, that most of Manila’s women, 20-40 years old, socio-economic class ABC, know who Ginger and Reena are, I think it’s not a bother for me to talk about first impressions. First impressions can make or break people. Firs t impressions can make or break products.

It was 2008. It was a normal day at the office when this super thin girl with pimples (like any young up & comer) on her face enters the office. My boss introduces her to me as “Reena Sarmiento” and later I found out that she can also be called “Reg” (short for Regina). I was a product manager that time, and she was a management trainee under an accelerated leadership program that we had in the bank. She helped me with one of the projects that I had and we’ve since become. My first impression was that she was fun to be with and yet still very responsible. I was right. 🙂
Pond's Flawless White: Ginger and Reena

Reena and I usually have the same feelings about people and products. We jive! It has been eight days since we first started our Pond’s Flawless White Skin Care regimen. For me, the first eight days went by smoothly. I guess it’s because my skin’s not as sensitive as Reena. Reena’s first 8 days were tough. I often heard her say, “how’s that? I have a presentation to make?” Reena has pimple marks and her skin is really prone to pimples. She couldn’t cover it up with powder, since we agreed that we would not place anything else but Pond’s Flawless white products in our faces.
Reena's Before Picture

Pond's Flawless White Skin Care Products
Pond's Flawless White Skin Care Products

Our agreed Skin Care Regimen was Cleanse – Tone – Treat – Moisturize. This is how Reena (and I) used the products starting last
March 13 (Sunday):


Pond's Deep Whitening Facial Foam
Pond's Deep Whitening Facial Foam

Cleanse – Deep Whitening Facial Foam (100g at Php 200 and 50g at Php 120)

Pond's White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner
Pond's White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner

Tone – White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner (100mL)

Ponds Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum
Ponds Flawless White Spots Blocking Serum

Treat – Spots Blocking Serum (30mL at Php 485)

Pond's Flawless White Blemish Visible Lightening Day Cream
Pond's Flawless White Blemish Visible Lightening Day Cream

Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Lotion
Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Lotion

Moisturize – Blemish Visible Lightening Day Cream (30g at Php 159 and 50mL at 249) and Visible Lightening Day Lotion (75mL at 399)

Cleanse – Deep Whitening Facial Foam (100g at Php 200 and 50g at Php 120)
Tone – White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner (100mL)
Treat – Spots Blocking Serum (30mL at Php 485)

Pond's Re-brightening Night Treatment
Pond's Re-brightening Night Treatment

Moisturize – Re-brightening Night Treatment (75mL at Php 349)

As for first impressions, Reena, who is currently on a vacation in Ilocos, gave me a rundown of what she thought of the Pond’s Flawless White line. For the facial wash, my partner loved its packaging — it was kept inside a tube with a screw top cover so you could bring it everywhere. We both go to work, go to the gym, and go on vacations (hence the Ilocos trip of Reena and my recent Vietnam trip) – it’s nice to know that our facial wash spilling in our bags is one less thing to worry about. The facial wash also contained beads. Reena found this to be a bit rough for her. She suggested that an alternative of facial foam without beads be made for people with more sensitive skin.

Next up would be my partner’s view on the Pond’s White Beauty Toner (not part of the Flawless White line). This alcohol based toner was quite effective in tightening pores. It was not as strong as the other brands that we have tried before, but if Pond’s can come up with an alcohol-free alternative, this could be a very attractive product.

We would then use the Spots Blocking Serum. We both have three words for this: love, love, love! We loved the way the serum was absorbed by the skin. Reena, especially loved the matte finish and the quick absorption. Reena said that this is important since we are required to place another layer of product after. She thought that the mixing of products would feel weird. I didn’t see the matte finish effect though. It was probably because I would put tons of serum on my face! Reena loves the pump bottle. It helps control the release of the serum.

For the products for moisturizing our faces, Reena found the Blemish Visible Lightening Day Cream hard to spread on one’s face since it had this texture that was comparable to chalk. I, on the other hand, found it easy to spread, and I saw this product’s matte finish. We then compared notes and we think it’s because I usually place a thick layer of serum before the cream, so the texture of the serum actually helps me spread the cream more. Reena, on the other hand, spreads only an ample amount of the serum, which quickly dries up on her skin. When she places the day cream, it doesn’t get to spread as much as it can be spread out. I noticed the same effect, when I used to put only the Pond’s Flawless White day cream; this was before the competition started when I discovered the serum. People kept on saying that my skin was dry, but it was actually the day cream that I wasn’t able to spread out evenly.

Reena loves the Re-brightening Night Treatment. The texture is perfect. Once you wake up, you will see that your skin is smooth and in a way better than the previous day!

So these are the first impressions of my friend Reena on the Pond’s Flawless White products that we have tried. We hope that we gave the ladies out there an idea of what to expect when you first encounter these Pond’s products. Our first impression of the Pond’s Flawless White line was pretty pleasant — it is an affordable, convenient (since Reena and I packed all the 6 products in our luggage to Ilocos and Vietnam respectively), and we’re already seeing some early results. I will continuously give you updates on what happens to my friend, Reena, as she whole heartedly goes through this skin care regimen.

If you have questions, feel free to drop a message and we will answer you… No math questions, please! Just kidding.

Love lots,

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Pond’s Unbeaten Whitening Experience: Confessions of a Lab Rat

Okay, fine. I was coerced by my “lab rat”, Reena, to place this letter of hers. And since I am the BEST friend in the whole world, I agreed. Here is the letter of my Pond’s Flawless White Unbeaten Whitening Experience partner:

Pond's Flawless Whitening Products
Pond's Flawless Whitening Products

“I’ve always been a cynic. As if a judge waiting for burden of proof, I stand not believing until I see it. A doubting Thomas if you will.

Joining the Pond’s contest initially was to humor my very good friend, Ginger, who has been chasing the lime light of the supporting actress role. No kidding, she doesn’t want to be the main lead. She wants a supporting role – “Coffee, maam? Ok lang yan, anak” — mga linyang ganon. Anyway going back to what I was saying, the only thing I was expecting from that Pond’s bloggers meet was some good company and good food.

The food was average, the soup was a bit salty, and the rest were forgettable. Service was kind of bad too – or maybe because the place was full? But, still. (Hold it, feeling food blogger ba? Haha! Anyway, ok lang! I’m entitled to my own opinion. Bakit ba?!). The company however was great. I met some sassy ladies called Earth and Lace (fellow bloggers of Ginger), Peach from OglivyOne (which turned out to be an old friend of my cousin Wilburt from their MMG days) and Jac the product manager of Pond’s (who’s so into skin care — Talk about job fit!). The general mood of the event was friendly and cozy. The Pond’s and OglivyOne people put a lot of thought into the program including the big reveal of the contest.

Ginger and I are naturally competitive folks. We want to win even if it’s just winning Flat Tops or Chocnut. In fact, we were already beginning to guess what kind of contest it was. Amazing race? Kaya namin yan! Jump rope contest? Kaya namin yan! Whatever it was, Ginger and I will give it our all. And then the Pond’s people revealed the mechanics.

It turned out, the contest was for the blogger (Ginger) to chronicle the experience of the friend (me) as I use the Pond’s line for 4 weeks.

Initial thought: Oh no.

I’m a shower-and-go kind of girl. I wake up, take a shower (this already includes washing my face with my current facial wash), dress up and go. I sleep in the car going to work. How in Bananas in Pajamas’ name can I wake up early enough to do a full cleanse-tone-treat-protect regimen? Plus, did I tell you I have super sensitive skin? Pond’s people. This is asking a lot from me.

The prize? Not some getaway vacation for 2 or a super shopping spree at Rustan’s (Which would really make the contest a lot more interesting wouldn’t you say? hint hint!) Although there’s Plains & Prints GC, which is still related to shopping, the main prize would be a photo shoot with spreads in lifestyle magazines. Hearing “Photoshoot” and “spread in lifestyle magazine” I saw Ginger’s face light up. Uh oh, I know that face, this is the point of no return! Sige na nga. LET’S DO THIS.

Ginger was tasked to write about my experience so why am I writing this? Because lab rats have feelings too! Plus, I’m all for consumer protection. If Pond’s is expecting an ass-kissing review from me, they’d better rethink their blog events in the future.

Pond’s don’t let me down. Even if I’m a cynic, I’m still hopeful you’ll deliver in the flawless white promise. We’ll see. It all starts today.”

So that’s about it. That was Reena pouring her heart out and very hopeful of the outcome of the Pond’s Flawless White Unbeaten Whitening Experience. So before we actually embark on this challenge and with utmost hesitation (just kidding, Reena), we would like to share Reena’s “before” pictures.

Picture of Reena without Makeup
Picture of Reena without Makeup
Another picture of Reena
Another picture of Reena

Picture of Reena with Makeup
Picture of Reena with Makeup

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