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February: Luck, Love and Fashion

Today is the first day of February. The month of love. The month of the Chinese New Year.


Tomorrow, our Chinese friends will be celebrating the eve of the Chinese New Year and will welcome the year of the Metal Rabbit. It’s supposed to be a great year for me and for those people who were born under the year of the Boar. I’m actually pretty excited for this year and I truly and honestly believe that this will really a great year for me – for both work and non-work. I actually can’t wait to find out what this year will bring in for me.

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Goodnight World! :)

This may not be about shopping but I just would like to share this quote with you that I truly love. There are times when we just need to step back from the things that we know and continue to learn things we need to so that we become better people. I hope that this quote would make you realize a thing or two. Wherever you are in your life, whatever you’re going through, I hope that this is applicable. 😉

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