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me and my pet cosplay

Cosplay with your pet! Mercato Centrale, Art City Productions and Tempest Films present the first ever ME AND MY PET COSPLAY.

Me and My Pet is a unique cosplay event where you and your animal companion both don costumes and compete to be the epitomy of human + animal cosplay. It will be held on July 14, 10 to 2pm at the Mercato Centrale.

We’ll be giving prizes to the Best Pet Cosplay, Best Combination Cosplay and Best Snapshot (On the Spot Pet Photography Contest).


  • Me and My Pet Cosplay Catwalk Competition
  • On the Spot Pet Photography Contest

Me and My Pet Cosplay is one of the pocket events of the MANILA POP CULTURE CONVENTION. Visit our website at http://www.manilapopculturecon.com/me_and_my_pet.html or our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/petcosplay for more details.

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