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Ava.ph: Melissa

My love for Melissa Shoes has been re-ignited. I guess it’s one of those times wherein I feel like I have to replenish and replace my shoe stash. First of all, I am trying to learn how to walk in high heels again. I know, it’s weird. It’s just that when I was in college, I was soo used to wearing heels and then when I started working, I just lost that skill. Blame it on the fact that I needed to walk from building to building in the middle of the day for meetings. PLUS, the fact that I needed to bring laptops during these walks. Not very heel-friendly tasks.

But this year, I realized that I needed to get back on track. Aside from the fact that it makes me look taller (yes, cause someone made me hirit that I was soo small DAW – I’m not even THAT small), it also makes you look thinner because it actually elongates you.

Buy why Melissa?

My love affair with Melissa started last in 2006. OMG. It was actually 6 years ago already. And I still have my Melissa shoes. I just absolutely loved it because of the fact that it is made out of rubber which means that I can clean it. Living in a tropical and rainy country makes it all worth it. But honestly, right now, I’m not soo into the closed shoes. I figured that open-toed shoes fit me better. Probably because when I wear high heels, I slide down and if it’s closed-toed, my toes hurt? I don’t know. Some weird theory of mine.

But anyway, this love affair with Melissa has been re-ignited and the fact that it was the Mega Sale and I’ve been seeing SOO many posts on FB about how huge the stall that the put up doesn’t help. On top of that, they’re also having a sale on Ava.ph. My only concern. The shoes that I want – wedge are not on sale.

For those of you who are interested, here are the ones on sale in Ava.ph.

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Fantastic Plastic

Since the birth of the plastic shoe – Melissa Shoes, Grendha, Mel, now comes another brand that caters to the plastic shoe. Admittedly, I  am one of the avid fans and followers of the plastic shoe since 2006. During one of my window shopping at the Rockwell mall, one of the shoe stores that I really check out is Officine. I noticed that there was this other brand, Terra and Agua, who carries and caters to the plastic shoe following in the Philippines. Check out their press release below.

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Melissa for Me, Melissa for Mom

Since this May we are celebrating Mother’s Day, might as well celebrate it the whole month with Melissa (wow, a lot of Ms there). I think if you order online from Melissa Philippines Online Store, you will get another shoe for free but the free shoe will be a surprise (don’t you just love surprises?). Anyway, hope you guys have a great May. I hope I will have a great May month too. 🙂

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