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Mango TOUCH Accessories this Season

These are my picks from Mango Touch!

Touch - Cascading Cyrstals Earrings PHP 1950
Touch – Cascading Cyrstals Earrings PHP 1950

Love these earrings. Looks so unique don’t they?

Touch - Metal Pieces Waist Belt PHP 2450
Touch – Metal Pieces Waist Belt PHP 2450

Not a fan of belts but I know that it’s good to have one in the closet. You’ll never know when you’re going to need it anyway. This belt is absolutely perfect for anything. There’s good, silver, black. You can definitely pair this with anything.

Touch Animal Print Shopper Bag PHP 1750
Touch Animal Print Shopper Bag PHP 1750

I’m still into shopper bags. They’re the most useful bags that were created (for me). You can just stuff anything into it and usually, they’re really light. The only problem is that if you’re a “stuffer” just like me, you will find that your bag gets heavier by the day. HENCE, always make sure that you MAKE time to clear out the garbage in your bag. 😉

Touch Suede Peeptoe Shoes PHP 5450
Touch Suede Peep toe Shoes PHP 5450

Last but not the least. This is something that I always wish I could wear. But baby steps first. First, let’s go use the wedges. Then maybe we can progress to the heels. And then to the super high heels. Can’t wait.

For more information or to shop, click on the link below:

Mango Touch Accessories Website and Online Store

Enjoy our Sale. Now up to 70% off


Mango is one of my favorite stores. I know that it’s not MADE FILIPINO but sometimes honestly, the sizes of the MADE FILIPINO stuff just doesn’t agree with my body. 🙁 And Mango fits me perfectly! And so obviously, I’m soo happy that they are on sale. I have already bought I think around 4 dresses already. 🙁 MUST STAY AWAY! But for you guys out there who still haven’t gotten your Mango fix well you should. I’m sure you will absolutely love their stuff. 🙂

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