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From Feng Shui to Faith

My last post  was all about my Feng Shui bracelet that I got over the internet. It may be a surprise to you guys but I think I would consider myself a pretty religious person as well even if there are times when I also believe Feng Shui. Pretty weird, huh? But one of things that I also have are rosary bracelets in different colors – to match my clothes (yes, I know, ang arte!) But I try to make it a point to always have a religious item in my body.

Rosary Bracelets

Why? I guess probably, that’s still something I hold on to – when all else fails.

I actually have a number of bracelets. This aqua one, I bought from Santuario de San Antonio Parish when my dad dropped by the store.

It actually occurred to me that ever since the Euro Tour of 2011 which includes Church tours, I’ve always dropped by the stores in the Churches and buy a religious article. Unfortunately, during that time, I wasn’t able to get rosary bracelets BUT I was able to get very nice rosaries from almost all of the Churches that I’ve visited.

This multi-colored one was given to me by Mama Tita.

My mom originally thought that my Mama Tita bought this from Italy so she asked me to look for it when I went to Rome but as it turned out, this was from Taiwan. 😛 Hopefully when I go to Taiwan this September, I’d find this and be able to buy her one.

The next four bracelets – red, green, yellow and smoky quartz, I got from Rockwell. Every Sunday at Rockwell, there’s this little table that sells religious articles which includes these bracelets.

Last but not the least, this fresh water pearls I got from one of the sessions that we’ve had with Fr. Suarez. So all of the proceeds for this would go to the proceeds of Fr. Suarez’s foundation.

What about you? Do you have any collection like this?

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