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MS Finds: Top 10 Cool Money Banks!

One of the goals that we should have this year is to save money. And honestly, every single penny that we have can amount to millions for as long as we keep on saving them. Here are some of the cute money banks that I’ve found that would inspire us to save even those coins that make our wallets really bulky! 😛

1.) Emergency Money Bank

From Suck UK. PHP 495 at Ava.ph.

Emergency Money Bank

And this should only be broken when there is an emergency! 😛

2.) London Red Telephone Booth Novelty Coin bank

From Sifra Interiors and Objects. PHP 1,495 at Ava.ph.

2 - London Red Telephone Booth Novelty Coin Bank

This is pretty cool especially for those people who love to travel.

3.) Baby Piggy Bank

From 4M2U. PHP 220 at Quirks.

3 - Baby Piggy Bank

I’m biased about pigs. I really like pigs because I was born in the year of the Boar.

4.) Doodle a Coin Bank (Bear)

From 4M2U. PHP 295 at Quirks.

4 - Doodle a Coin Bank (Bear)

I am pretty sure the artistic folks out there would love this!

5.) Greedy Pig Money Bank

From SuckUK. PHP 450 at Quirks.

5 - Greedy Pig Money Bank

Cool think about this is that you can actually use any kind of container. Just use any mug or container that you have.

6.) My Next Trip Coin Bank.

From Balvi. PHP 450 at Quirks.

6 - My Next Trip Coin Bank

A wanderer? Then this is the one for you.

7.) The Currency Money Bank

From the Luckies of London. PHP 1195 from Quirks.

7 - The Currency Money Bank

For those people who have a lot of loose change from all of their travels!

8.) Tin Banks (Savin’ to Quit My Job)

From Blue Q. PHP 420 from Quirks.

8 - Tin Banks (Savin to Quit My Job)

For the simple person. 😛

9.) Stealing Itazura Coin Cat Money Box Piggy Bang with Meow (Strawberries)

From Generic. PHP 595 at Lazada.com.ph.

Kids will love this!!

10.) DIY Self-Sorting Coin Bank

If you have all of the time in the world, you can actually do this. Check out the tutorial here.

What about you? Have you found any super cute or cool money banks? Please do share them with me in the comment below! 🙂

Lifestyle Monday with MasterCard at Lazada

After the launch of the mobile application for iPhone and iPad, Lazada launched it’s Lifestyle Monday with Mastercard. MasterCard holders in the Philippines will get an additional 10% discount when they shop from the Lifestyle and Fashion categories of Lazada on Mondays.

Mastercard Mondays

This promo will run up until December 31, 2014! Cool, huh? So if I were you, just shop on a Monday. Anyway, it’s easy to remember: Mastercard Mondays. 🙂

For more information and full terms and conditions, visit http://www.lazada.com.ph/mastercard/. For more updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions,  connect with us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines).

Chinese New Year Sale at Lazada!

Yes, its going to be Chinese New Year already next year. Are you ready? Honestly for me, this time around, I’m not. I wonder why. I wonder what changed?
Previous years, I would have been raring and daring to celebrate Chinese New Year (even if I’m not even Chinese). But this year, it’s just different. I think I would attribute it to faith. Yes, BIG word.
In all of the years that I have been following Feng Shui, I cannot really attribute anything that happened in my life because of Feng Shui. There was this year when I even attended this sorta conference and people were proud to tell their story – their testimony. And me, I reflected, looked back at everything that happened to me. None. Nothing. I think for the past few years, I really just held on to FAITH.
You know what’s weird? I noticed that there were really bad times in my life and I checked back with Feng Shui and they would tell me that I’d have a good month. WEIRD. But nonetheless, not soo bothered. I think just in case, I would still buy the book for fun, but I’m not relying on Feng Shui.
As for next year, there’s not stopping us from celebrating Chinese New Year. After all, all celebrations are welcome because these are happy events. And with that, there’s no surprise that stores, malls, online shops, etc., would also celebrate this event with sales! 🙂 And wouldn’t a shopaholic like me love that? Of course, I would.
With that being said, I’m sharing with you the link to Lazada’s Chinese New Year Sale.
Chinese New Year Theme
So what’s up and about on that page?
Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol

All In One Good Luck Bracelet (Double Happiness)

From my years of experience in Feng Shui, this one is good if you’re looking for someone to get married to, your getting married, or you want your marriage to last. 🙂
Feng Shui Wu Lou

All In One Good Luck Bracelet (Wulou)

Wu Lou on the other hand is being used if you have health concerns.
Feng Shui Pi Yao

White Pi Yao Bracelet

Pi Yao is also known as the money catcher (I think… if my memory is right). So this is good for those who are in business. 🙂
Feng Shui Mystic Knot

Blue Mystic Knot Bracelet

Mystic Knot is for those who want everlasting love, happiness, and luck.
Pretty cool, huh? 🙂
Anyway, if you’re interested, you can expect an amazing lineup of products! Getting a good bargain will surely be a great way to start the Chinese New Year! So follow @LazadaPH on TwitterInstagram , and Facebook to stay updated.

Lazada iOS App Launch

So, Lazada has already announced that they have launched their iOS App. Good news though this this App is available for both iPhone and iPad. For the Android users, sorry but I still have no new for you.

Lazada 20140116This launch happened last January 16, 2014 which followed Lazada’s recent investment. Included in the list of investors is Tesco. Tesco is UK’s largest retailer and they acquired a minority stake in Lazada.

Don’t you think technology is soo great? It makes this easier for all of us. For example, for a person like me who’s always soo busy and does not have the time to shop, I just click on something and voila, I can order it immediately!! Pretty cool, huh?

I personally think that if there’s a point of improvement for online shopping sites, it would be the utilization of Paypal. Or online sellers for that matter.This is actually especially true for online sellers. A number of times, I’d like to buy something but I’m just too tamad or don’t have time to do bank deposits. So hear ye, hear ye, all of you online sellers, please, please do utilize Paypal! I bet you will have a larger market share if you do. 😉


Anyway, going back, please do download Lazada App for iPhone and iPad which would be free for download starting today onwards. Also, within 72 hours of the launch, users downloading the app will get exclusive discounts of PHP 400 on any purchase with a minimum spend of PHP 900. For Smart and Sun subscribers, they get PHP 500 off for a minimum purchase of PHP 1000.*But I honestly don’t know how they track that.*

Interested in downloading the app? Click here.

Another Update: Great Lazada Deals for Visa Cardholders

Hey, Guys!

Hows Friday treating you? 🙂 I hope everything is okay! 🙂 Anyway, here’s another update from Lazada.


LAZADA, the Philippines’ biggest online shopping mall, has an offer Visa credit cardholders won’t be able to resist!

Head on to the http://www.lazada.com.ph/visa/ this weekend and check out the additional 10% OFF on Apple iPad Mini, Lenovo K900, Ray-Ban Aviator Shades, Michael Kors Chronograph Watch and Krups Coffee Maker among the wide selection of discounted smartphones, laptops, cameras, home appliances, beauty essentials and so much more. Enjoy free shipping on all purchases made with your Visa credit cards only at Lazada Philippines!

Terms and Conditions:
• 10% discount is applicable only to the selected items featured in this page and will only be applied upon checkout after inputting your Visa card details.
• Visa Credit Cardholders of BDO, Citibank, Metrobank, etc. are eligible to join.

New From Lazada: Now, South-East Asians can do business online

Sharing this press release to you guys! 🙂

New from LazadaeCommerce opportunities for brick-and-mortar businesses across five Southeast Asian countries with Lazada’s Marketplace platform

Singapore, August 13, 2013 – Lazada has officially launched its Marketplace platform in all its markets – an online platform for third-party sellers who aspire to be visible on the region’s most popular online shopping mall.

Lazada is operating a multi-category online shopping mall with almost two hundred thousand products listed and is now offering a platform enabling merchants, both online and offline, to sell their products on http://www.lazada.com.ph or any other Lazada’s web store in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia. Lazada’s Marketplace sets new standards in the industry by providing customized support for logistical arrangements, state-of-the-art online marketing initiatives and a tailored shop-in-shop visible to its huge visitor base.

The Marketplace solution allows SME’s, big brands, distributers and retailers to open an online shop without the need for significant upfront capital expenditures and is thus lowering the risk for those merchants. Furthermore, it can help its partners to gain a competitive advantage as it provides access to Lazada’s massive community of fans and customers across the region. According to social-network analytic website Social Bakers, Lazada is one of the most liked pages on Facebook with almost 5 million Facebook fans and an average of 8,000 new “like” every day.

Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Lazada said “the number of partnership requests we received made us realize the massive demand and we are glad to provide this opportunity to all merchants in the region”. Bittner continued: “we started to develop our Marketplace platform in late 2012 as it fits perfectly with our goal to continuously expand our product offering and service level to our customers and partners”. Bittner also believes the platform has the powerful “side-effect” of developing an online eco-system which will create business opportunities supporting economic growth and job creation in SouthEast Asia.

The Marketplace operation is sophisticated but user friendly, eliminating the micromanagement and hassle of updating and keeping track of individual transactions. Merchants are able to build their catalogue, update inventory, and create new listings in their virtual shop via a store management tool synchronized with Lazada’s back-end IT system. Lazada also allocates a dedicated account manager to merchants who will educate on eCommerce best-practices and advice on further growth potential.

One of the early adapters to join Lazada’s Marketplace was Pineapple Computers in Malaysia, a well-established electronic retailer. Dato Mark Lim, founder and Managing Director of Pineapple Computer said, “we faced aggressive competition from larger players as well as high operating costs, limiting our ability to expand the business, even though our prices were competitive. With Lazada’s Marketplace, its capable workforce, logistic management and delivery system we have grown the business by 38% and have now a visibility to hundreds of thousands of Malaysians that were inaccessible to us previously. Pineapple has entered a new frontier.”

Lazada’s Marketplace has also caught the attention of major players such as Philips Electronics, the market leader in several small appliance categories. Ms. Siriwan Nitkitjatorn, General Manager of Consumer Lifestyle Sector at Philips in Thailand said, “Philips will partner with Lazada to make our innovations even more easily accessible to consumers allowing them to enjoy our products wherever they are”. Recognizing the strong growth potential in eRetailing and the convenience it brings to consumers, she pointed out, “Philips has always designed their products around the needs of the customers  and nowadays the ability to use an online distribution channel is part of those needs.”

To join Lazada’s marketplace, you may contact merchantpartnerships@lazada.com.ph

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