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Freeway Ensembles Solo MIDYEAR SALE upto 70% off!


Oops, I know that this maybe a little late because this already started yesterday but anyway, I’m still posting this because it will be on until August 5! Hope you can drop by if you have time! 🙂

Bayo | Sale + Preview

Hey Guys! It’s the time of the year again. Mid-year = mid-year sale or end of season sale. And one of the brands that will be having their annual sale is BAYO. The brand that had a very HUGE controversy recently because of all of the ads that they have released. Something that I wouldn’t want to comment about because when I saw that ad – I didn’t really get what message it was conveying. 😛 Anyway, bottom line is, it’s still a Filipino brand and I would still encourage everyone to BUY FILIPINO!

So what are you waiting for? Go now to the nearest BAYO store and shop til you drop! Just kidding 😉


Freeway x Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

Collaborations, collaborations. That’s the name of the game now. Especially for Freeway, Ensembles, Solo and 22BC and mind you, I do believe that they’re doing such a great job in it.

Who is Lisa Macuja-Elizalde?


Lisa Teresita Pacheco Macuja-Elizalde is a Prima Ballerina. She is the first Philippine ballerina and first foreign soloist who ever joined the Kirov Ballet in 1984. In the Philippines, she is the Artistic Director of Ballet Manila and Vice-Chairman of the Philippine UNESCO National Commission. She was also the Commissioner of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women. She is also the Directress and faculty member of the Ballet Manila School – a training center for ballet professionals who are steeped in the Russian Vaganova method. (from Wikipedia)

All good things must come to an end…

In about 3 years time, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is set to retire in three years and will dance her last full-length “Swan Song Series” in a series of performances. To show their support, Freeway has released Limited Edition Lisa Macuja Shirts and this collection is now available in all Freeway stores.

Freeway’s Limited Edition Shirts

Freeway loves Art. With its well-loved National Artist Collectors’ Series, the brand has already established its name in celebrating various forms of Art by bringing creative fusion of fashion and works of art of our National Artists—literature, visual art and fashion design.  And this time, Freeway embraces another form of art that brought pride to the country, Ballet.  Freeway pays tribute to Philippines’ prima ballerina, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.  Lisa is set to ease into retirement within the period of three years and will dance her last full-length “Swan Song Series” in a series of performances.  The production kicked off last year with “Swan Lake” and “Romeo and Juliet”.  The entire series will unfold in the next two to three years.  To support this significant event, Freeway created a special edition “Swan Song Series” sublimation tee- shirt that immortalizes the signature ballets of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. This limited edition collection is now available in all Freeway stores nationwide. www.freeway.net.ph

Connect with Freeway thru Facebook http://facebook.com/FreewayOnline and Twitter http://twitter.com/FreewayOnline. Also, check out http://www.balletmanila.com.ph.

Swan Lake

I checked out the Ballet Manila site and I saw that “Swan Lake” will be shown on October 7, 8, 9. This will be the last full length performance of Lisa Macuja-Elizalde which also happens to be one of the most revered of the ballet classics. It’s a must see for all dance lovers.

Have a happy week ahead everyone!

Hugs and Kisses,
Manila Shopaholic

Freeway Loves Art: The Ramon Valera Holiday Collection

For the past few seasons, Freeway featured different artists in the collections that they had. Now, it’s time to make the Ramon Valera collection shine. This is actually the fourth installment of the much celebrated collection – National Artist Collectors’ Series of Freeway which I think is really genius because we would be able to give credit and respect to these really great people.

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Hello Lovely and Magical June!

June is actually known as back-to-school month, however for some people its actually known as the month of a large number of marriages. Well, hello lucrative industry. Since we’re on to the topic of marriages and love, let me share with you a few things that I love and am looking forward to this June.

First of… I love sale. Yes, even in June, there’s sale. I got a text from BPI that when you use your BPI Express Teller ATM or more popularly known as EPS, you get an exclusive 50% off on sale items at participating Plains & Prints outlets from June 2-27.

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