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3rd Round: Manila Shopaholic x BDJ Power Planner Giveaway @bdjbuzz #ManilaShopaholicxBDJ

Hey Guys!

I’m really sorry for not being able to write ANYTHING recently. It’s just that I’ve been really busy with work and a lot of other things! There’s just soo many things to look forward to. But I’m not going to spill anything yet since I don’t really want to jinx it. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who supported me and my giveaways! It has really been successful and thanks soo much for all of the love. Now, what I need to do is to commit really to update this blog as often as possible. *crossing my fingers*

As promised, this is the 3rd leg of my BDJ Power Planner Giveaway! I only have 1 planner to giveaway, so let’s just use Rafflecopter shall we? Saves me the time and effort. Yes, yes, I’m tamad. 😛 At least I’m being honest. 😉

So here goes… 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to my 2nd Batch of Winners for the Manila Shopaholic x BDJ Power Planner Giveaway @bdjbuzz #ManilaShopaholicxBDJ

First, just wanted to congratulate my second batches of winners! 🙂

Manila Shopaholic x BDJ Winners Announcement 2

For now, since I still have another promo on going for the Campus BDJ, I will put the third and last round on hold until after I’m done with that giveaway. 🙂

Secondly, I just wanted to wish everyone a great mid-week! Things have not been going all that well in my side of the world. With work and a lot of other things. But hey! I’m hanging on! So hang on too, okay? 🙂


Manila Shopaholic

P.S. Don’t forget to join my other giveaway for the little ones – Campus BDJ!

2nd Round: Manila Shopaholic x BDJ Power Planner Giveaway @bdjbuzz #ManilaShopaholicxBDJ

Hey Guys!

As promised, today the second round of the giveaways will start. So, that means that I will be giving out again 2 BDJ Power Planners this week. (May 28 – June 4)

OMG! I just realized it’s June already next week and that’s officially the start of the second half of the year! My oh my. Time really flies, huh?

Hopefully you guys had a wonderful 1st half. Let’s make the second half more beautiful, shall we?

Join the Manila Shopaholic x BDJ Power Planner Giveaway using this Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who want to join the Instagram giveaway, follow me at @manilashopaholic!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Manila Shopaholic

Congratulations to the First 2 Winners of the #ManilaShopaholicxBDJ Power Planner Giveaway @bdjbuzz

Hello, Guys!

I’m back from ultra-fun vacation. And as promised, today, I will be announcing the first 2 winners of the Manila Shopaholic x BDJ Power Planner Giveaway. Here you go!

For the Rafflecopter Winner! 🙂

Manila Shopaholic Winner AnnouncementI have already contacted Cryst and still waiting for her reply. As for the our Instagram winner:

Manila Shopaholic Winner Announcement 2


Congratulations! Part 2 will start tom!


Manila Shopaholic 🙂

Manila Shopaholic + BDJ Power Planner Giveaway @bdjbuzz #ManilaShopaholicXBDJGiveaway

Yeah, well you’d think maybe it’s waaay too late to plan already for the rest of the year but NO, it’s not. It’s never too late to plan. And all you have to do is to start NOW. With that, Manila Shopaholic x BDJ is encouraging you to start planning right now. For the rest of year. It’s actually pretty timely because once June sets in, it’s actually mid-year already! ACK! Time flows by soo fast.

Looking back at the year that passed, I will just give you a quick preview of the things that happened to me.


–         Change the way how my site looks. Was supposed to update it more regularly but got caught up and entangled in work and the business. But it’s all good!

Manila Shopaholic Site Revamp


–         Tried to learn something and gave water coloring a shot. Still not good but hey, well, what do you know. At least I tried something new.

Life After Breakfast Crafternoon

–         Got really involved in party decorating for my niece’s first birthday party and that really opened up my eyes to crafting! I love paper crafts.

Party Decorating

–         Won a contest and got PHP 5,000 shopping spree from Common Thread. Well, I’m one lucky girl!

Won a Contest



–         Got my first ever mini-embossing machine. When I opened it, it really felt like Christmas!

Embossing Machine

–         A TV Personality cleaned my car!

TV Personality Cleaned My Car

–         The TVC Chef of Chowking instagrammed me. Haha. The future Papa Chen!

Chowking Halo Halo

–         Found the beauty of blender bottles and meal replacements (aka too busy to eat!)

Blender Bottle + Meal Replacements


–         Launched Memory Crafters. Although, yes, there is still a lot of work for that but thank God for that and for my courage to actually try to start that.


–         Fell in love with crafting and got to meet the owner of Caboodle Box.

And still more crafting

–         Fell in love with Argan Oil, too.

Argan Oil


–         Got invited still to Make Your Own Havaianas 2014! Thank you Havaianas Philippines!

Make Your Own Havaianas

–         Fell in love with looming!

Rainbow Loom

Actually, I think there’s still a lot more that happened to me during the first part of the year but then that just might bore you to death! So my point, plan. Keep track of new experiences and memories. It’s fun looking back at them and for sure, better to look forward to new ones. I believe that the BDJ Power Planner will truly help you with this!

And because I want to help you guys out to jumpstart the next part of the year, I’m giving away 5 BDJ Power Planner. 3 via my blogand 2 via Instagram. I will give out one BDJ Power Planner per week. So this giveaway will run for a span of 3 weeks. 1 BDJ Power Planner per week for the Blog and 1 BDJ Power Planner per week via Instagram. Just follow Rafflecopter to join the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

First week of the contest would run from May 19-26 only! Don’t forget the hashtag because I’ll be choosing the winners from there (especially for Instagram). I’ll be announcing the winners on the 27th on my Facebook and Twitter account. Good luck guys!


Manila Shopaholic

P.S. By the way, in case you don’t win this first round, there will be a second and a third round! 😉

Feet Series: Neat Feat: Gel Metatarsal Pad + Giveaway!

Product Description

This product is said to provide cushioning to the ball of the foot and gives extra padding for metatarsal soreness. Also, it has a toe loop which makes the product stay securely in place.

What the hell is metatarsal?

Metatarsal bones are the five long bones in the foot located between the hind and mid foot. These bones are often broken by soccer players. They said that these and other recent cases have been attributed to the modern lightweight design of football boots, which gives less protection to the foot.

Who is This Product For?

Obviously, this product is for soccer players! But of course, not limited to them. I was thinking, this could actually help ease the pain and absorb the stress of walking and standing around by soccer players like for instance, after a game or after practice. Also, it helps prevent callus development. I think this would be perfect for anyone who engages in sporting activities.

Like for instance me, I’m not  a very sporty person but then going to the gym often actually made me developed callus (which looks soo ugly) but you can’t help it. You can’t stop working out altogether, right?

Well, is this something that you need?

If you do, do the following and I will give you a chance to win this product!

Promo ends on July 18, 2012.

Now, if you don’t want to join the contest (fine!) then you can just get your own products from selected Watsons stores as well as in R.O.X.

Have a Happy Tuesday!

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