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My Galleon.ph Shopping Encounter

Remember last December 30? I posted my Top 6 finds from Galleon.ph. So I went ahead and ordered the Pilot Hi-Tec C Gel Ink Pen – 0.33 – in basic colors which actually costs PHP 1587 on the site.


I actually placed the order on January 7, 2015 and received the following bill.

Galleon.ph 1

If you notice, the amount is lower than what I posted last December 30, which I would think should be attributed on the conversion rate of USD to PHP. Remember, I think this site is pulling data from somewhere and then converting it to PHP.

Just a reminder, when you buy from Galleon.ph, you have to be aware that there are extra costs such as International Shipping and Local Shipping. For you for you to get a discount, you can share on Facebook and Twitter which will give you a 3% and a 2% discount. *Sayang din yun.* If I were you guys, you should take advantage of that. Remember, every peso counts. J

One the same date, I receive an Order Confirmation email which told me that the estimated delivery date of my item is on January 28, 2015.

Galleon.ph 2

Around 21 days, 3 weeks. You SHOULD expect this especially that they are really shipping your item from abroad.

Next update I got was on January 22 (15 days after) telling me that they’re going to delivery my items in the next 2 days.

Galleon.ph 3

Interestingly enough, I received the item on a Saturday – January 24, 2015. I was actually expecting it today, but VOILA! 🙂

Oh, m gonna have soo much fun with you! Thanks @galleonph! 🙂

A photo posted by Manila Shopaholic

So, yay! I’m happy!

Last step… Today, I received an email from them that my order is complete already!

Thank you, Galleon.ph! 🙂

So, will I order again? Yes, definitely. But here are the things that you should remember:


  • You can get to buy stuff from the US without having to have a whole bulk of to be shipped because of the shipping cost
  • Items will be delivered straight to your doorstep, you wont have to pick it up from some point. Saves you the hassle.
  • You are well informed about the status of your order, so you are not kept in the dark as to where your order is.


  • You will have to pay extra for the international shipping cost and local shipping cost
  • It would take a really long time for the items to get to you

So, it’s really up to you? What do you think about this? Is this something that you would like to try out?

For more information:

Website: http://www.galleon.ph/
Address: UG09 Globe Telecom Plaza, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines 1552
Contact Numbers: Office 6214482 | 4250153, Globe 0905-4188697, Viber, Line, Wechat, Whatsapp 0905-4188697, Smart 0918-6364116, Sun 0923-6058066
Office Hours: Monday to Friday – 8am to 10pm, Saturday & Sunday – 8am to 5pm
Email Address: support@galleon.ph

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