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The Juice Barista Experience

Heyo! How’s everyone doing? I hope that everyone is fine especially after the storm. That was really terrible. But now is “kind of” the calm after the storm and I’m really happy with that. So, I have some “downtime” (not quite) and I’d love to write about my first experience “detoxifying” with the Juice Barista.

A few weeks ago, as I have been consistently sharing with you guys out there, that I have been totally, totally stressed out with work. It’s just the work + the shift that I can’t really take. I really have a hard time adjusting to the not normal shift and it manifests on me at several different ways – health-related. So, I did a little research about what I can do. And one of the things that consistently sprung out was to detoxify. And one of the most well-known ways to do this is the juice it! (well, popular nowadays up until the next fad ;))

So, I decided to give it a shot. I read this article over at Cosmo.ph. The plan: to try each and every one and find out what best works for me.

Incidentally, the first one on the list was The Juice Barista. And the plan was really, to start with them. But since the world is very small, I was telling my friend about a well-thought off plan and she told me that Jarra – one of the owners was the girlfriend of her brother. And the other partner, Maika, was the pre-school teacher of her son. SMALL WORLD! And very cool thing, they’re from UA&P, my alma mater. You know that thing about being nationalistic? Well, I have that thing but for my alumni. I don’t know why. But I guess, it’s because the school is really small and you really feel glad when you learn that someone from your school is succeeding in their chosen field.

Anyway, I decided to do the juicing thing on a Sunday which is a totally down day for me. I’m also scared that I wouldn’t last because of my hefty appetite (hihi).

At 7:40 AM, I took the first Drink for me was Strong Like Popeye. This drink is made out of Spinach, Lettuce, Mango, Saba, and Cinnamon.  I actually chose this specifically because it looked scary. But much to my surprise, it was not bad. Not bad at all!

Drink #1 Strong Like Popeye

Sunday was one of my “gym” days, and I went to the gym as usual. At around 9:08 AM, I was already feeling hunger pangs. But I decided to fight it with my mind by telling myself that it’s all in the mind.

I lasted till about 10:59 AM, when I started to feel my head throbbing already. I guess my mistake was that I didn’t bring another bottle to the gym. I thought I could last but NO. I should’ve drank another bottle at around 10 AM.

Second drink was “lunch” – Sexier than Chocolate. This drink consists of carob, saba, coconut milk, lettuce, spinach, and nutmeg. This drink was yummy but the consistency was too thick. I had a difficult time getting it out of the bottle.

Drink#2 Sexier than Chocolate

A thing that was boggling me though was – what is carob? Just checked it out over Wikipedia and apparently, it’s a tree in the pea family. It says there that the seed pod may be crushed and substituted for chocolate.

After lunch, I slept and I woke up at around 3:36 which is a good thing because I didn’t feel any hunger pangs. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up but I knew that I had to drink another bottle unless I wanted my head to hurt again just like what happened earlier in the day.

Drink #3, was Green Cayenne Reboot. This contains lettuce, cucumber, spinach, lemon, kangkong, apple and cayenne pepper. It was okay, too. By that time, I think I was getting used to the taste of fruit and vegetable juice.

Drink #3 Green Cayenne

Drink #4: The Coolios – contains spinach, cucumber and mint. By this time (6:08 pm), I was really hungry already. And I kind of cheated because I had a cup of decaf coffee. Couldn’t take not taking coffee. Yes, I am a coffee addict.

Drink #4 The Coolios

Anyway, this one, sorry, but I didn’t like it that much. I guess because there was no fruit in the ingredient? I just realized that I couldn’t take too vegetable-y juices. It needs to be mixed with fruit so that I can take it.

Drink #5. Tango in the Mango. This contains mango, coconut, coconut water, and cayenne pepper. Yummy. Good thing cause that was how I ended my day. I was supposed to have one more drink – midnight snack, but I was too tired already and so I just slept.

Drink#5 Tango in the Mango

I took Drink #6: King Kong Apple Pie the following day as my breakfast. This one contains water spinach, apple and cinnamon. It was yummy except that the Water Spinach formed on top. I think I didn’t shake it too much.

Drink #6 King Kong Apple Pie

For the rest of the day, I ate normal food already. So that ended my “detox day and a meal”.

If you ask me right now if I lost weight, honestly, the following day, I didn’t. I actually even gained weight I think. I can’t quite remember anymore. And I was soo pissed off because I was soo hungry and then I didn’t lose weight. But the day after that. I lost 5lbs. Weird, huh? But I think that’s just how my system is right now – weird. Just like me weird.

If you ask me who I would recommend this to, I would actually recommend this to anyone who thinks they can do the whole detox thing. But I think it would be better for those people who are not first time “Detoxers” so that they would know what to order. Like for me, I didn’t know what to order and how to take it. As in no clue at all. But with all of the researches that I’ve made, I realized that I have to drink at least 6 bottles of 500 ml juices. So that’s why I ordered 6.

As for the mixes, yes, I don’t know which is what and what the juice is actually for. But results are okay. I’m happy with it and I would do it all over again.

Price? Well, it really depends on you. I ordered three 500 ml smoothies and three 500 ml Juices and the cost was around PHP 1,698.00.

Flavors? I gave you the feedback above. BUT, if I were to order again, I would order the following:

  • Strong Like Popeye (Breakfast)
  • Sexier than Chocolate (Mid Morning Snack)
  • Tango in the Mango (Lunch)
  • King Kong Apple Pie (Afternoon Snack)
  • Green Cayenne Reboot (Dinner)
  • Sunset Belly Blaster (Dessert) – I still don’t know how this tastes like but since there is apple, looks promising.

Oh and in addition to that, they did not charge me delivery fee so it was delivered to my place the Saturday night. Oh, I just realized that it’s because I ordered more than PHP 800. Check it out here.

Want more information? Check out their website here.

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