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Fashion statements that can help people perform well at poker tables

Here’s something interesting that you might like to read when you’re in the game. And it is true that Fashion does aid the things that we actually do in our life. Power dressing for the office and at this case in poker games. 😛

Poker is a game of wits and wearing the right clothes can be very helpful in either sending a message to other players or protecting yourself from giving away tells while in the middle of a game. In tournaments, pros do everything they can to get the advantage over their opponents and the apparel they wear contributes greatly to this.

Slot machines and some table games from brick-and-mortar casinos may have been hit hard when the world’s first online pay-to-play gaming site InterCasino went live in 1996. However, this is not the case with poker, as live tournaments of the world’s most popular card game are very much alive even after the dawn of online casino. So if you’re planning on joining Resorts World Manila or Solaire’s next major poker tournament, here are some attire ideas for you.

Poker Hoodies

Poker Hoodie

A lot of poker players can be seen wearing hoodies during tournaments. While the most obvious reason for wearing them is to keep their body warm, players also sport them for the sake of concealing their facial expressions. Hoodies cover the sides of the face, hiding any unnecessary expressions that opponents may see. Facial expressions can be interpreted by other players as tells, so wearing hoodies in tournaments can be convenient for players.

Suits and Dresses

Suits and Dresses

Dressing up in formal attire is always a good idea for big poker tournaments. They make people look elegant, professional, and serious about the game they’re playing. Dressing up in suits or dresses can project the message that you mean business and simple plays won’t intimidate you. In addition, wearing formal clothes can mean that you command respect. This will make some players a bit wary in making pointless provocations against you.



Headphones are quickly becoming a welcome addition to poker fashion. They minimize the outside noise and provide players with relaxing music during the games. However, apart from the obvious reasons for wearing them, what most people don’t know is that pros sport headphones for another cause.

Headphones can actually fool people into thinking that those who wear them aren’t serious and are detached from the game. Thus, it is common for some players to drop their guard around players who wear headphones. When people drop their guard, it’s possible for them to speak about unnecessary things that can give away signs whether they’re bluffing or not. Wearing headphones can be a clever strategy.

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