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SoFa Speaks

As you all would probably guess by now, I do not work in the Fashion Industry. I just do this blogging because it’s something that I like to do. And sometimes, knowledge about these things that we like, for example, me, I like Fashion, Shopping, the Internet, etc., are not that accessible to us. So when an opportunity to learn more about something that we are passionate about comes up, we should definitely grab the chance! 🙂

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SoFa: Intro to Shoe and Bag Design

I’m a shoe and a bag person but that still comes second to me since I really prioritize clothes. But making shoes and bags *I think* is still easier to do than clothes since there are some clothes that are really complicated. I’m really interested in taking this but I still don’t have time. When I have time, this one will be in my bucket list. I promise myself that.

SoFa July Fashion Workshops

It’s back to school once again and together with that, SoFa again offers Fashion Workshops for July. Here it is again guys, check out the schedule and find one that fits you!

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