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St. James the Great Bazaar

Now, I know why they call it as such because really, it’s a great bazaar. This is the first time ever that I have ever gone to this bazaar and it was a truly different and remarkable experience. Most of the items that I found and I saw are quite different from all the bazaars that I have been to. Probably it’s because it is located in a different place? This is away from Makati, away from Rockwell, away from the North where I usually hang out in.

Like for instance, these super nicely packaged bath and body products. They have bath products, lotions, body sprays, linen sprays, etc. I have a confession to make though; I can’t find their calling card or flyer anymore. I know I had them but just in case that you see them in a bazaar, make sure you stop by and check out their products because they’re nicely packaged and smell good. You don’t have to bother with wrapping these items and I’m pretty sure your friends would love to have one because they’re soo useful especially during those down days.

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