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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Espress Cream Open House


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is having an open house again! Yay. This will be held on August 18, 2013 from 10:00 – 11:30. You can either order the Esprosso Cream Ice Blended or the Esspressco Cream Iced Latte. Although, the latte is not available in hot variant. This is valid at all The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf stores except at the University Mall and the CBTL Coffee Bars.

I love freebies! 🙂

Check out this link to view the FB invite.

Enjoy 50% off on CBTL’s Kaldi Bundle with your Citi Card

Gaaah. It’s been 9 days since I last wrote anything. Sorry, sorry. I’ve been soo down and out and sick. Boo. But I’m feeling better right now which is all good. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a brand new month. And I’m claiming this month. This month is going to be mine!! 🙂

Anyway, 2 days ago, I got this email from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Enjoy 50% off on CBTL’s Kaldi Bundle with your Citi Card


I have been thinking of getting this for this year. BUT, now is just not the right for me. Too many bills to buy. Haha. But I’m seriously working on that.

Honestly, since this product (the single serve beverage machines) was introduced in the market with the lead of the Nespresso machine, of course. I’ve been wanting to get one for the house. But the cost of each capsule is a bit too much PHP 40 per capsule as compared to making a cup of coffee with the user of an instant sachet. 😉 BUT, there are some luxuries that we also want to have, now, don’t we?

In addition to that, I have been so I love with Coffee Bean lately <3. Especially with that of their #thankyoufor50 promo wherein they have a featured drink every Monday and you can get that drink for 50% off! GREAT, right? They’ve had it up until June but now since it’s July tomorrow, I’m not sure if they’re going to offer it anymore. 🙁 Aww. Hello, Coffee Bean! Please, please don’t stop with your promo. I’m absolutely loving it.

Going back, to the CBTL system, I’m also loving the flavors that they have of this especially that of the tea. AND the fact that you can actually make tea lattes!! 🙂 I love tea lattes! <3 especially their new tea lattes – the Anniversary Blend and the Scottish Breakfast are really must tries! (Both hot and iced!)

In addition to that, in the States, there are actually a lot more flavors that you can buy. Especially that of decaf (which is very important to some people especially with high blood pressure conditions). Also,they have hot chocolate in the states for the kids. 😉 Other flavors that caught my attention are the following: Butterscotch Toffee, Crème Brulee, French Vanilla, Irish Crème, Toasted Amaretto.

So, if I were you, grab this chance already! 🙂

Coffee Bean: Thank You For 50!

The past week was really very hectic for me and just to get out of the building and the training room, I went to the Coffee Bean near our office on a daily basis. Honestly, I am more of a Starbucks fan than a Coffee Bean fan but because Starbucks is soo far away from our office, I went to Coffee Bean instead. It kinda of grew on me. Which is great. Ooh and I’d like to share with you the new drink that they have – Passion Guava Fruit-Tea and Passion Guava Tea Latte.

Passion Guava

I personally tried the Passion Guava Tea Latte and it was yummy. I honestly like the taste of this tea latte. A bit different from the usual because it has a bit of a tangy twist to it. So different from the sweet coffee taste and the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte that I usually order.

Because I have a Swirl Card (the Rewards points card of CBTL), I got this email from them saying that they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. So, as a treat, they are giving a 50% off on their beverages every Monday from 3PM to 5PM starting April 1, 2013.


Not to mention, I am pretty excited to taste their new drink! Mocha and Vanilla Ice Blended! Sounds yummy, huh?

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