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Some Thoughts on Tango, H&M, Bench, Penshoppe, Cherry Mobile

Hey, Everyone!

It’s good to be back. 13 days in hiatus in fact. It’s probably because of the Taiwan trip. The fact that I was on leave to catch up on my non-work life for a week. And the catching up that I had to do for the first part of this week for work. It’s actually driving me crazy and I am so happy that I actually have this outlet to write and to just think about things that make me happy. HAHA.

Anyway, I read some of the comments that people leave on my blog and I am very sad to say that Tango has had 2 negative feedbacks on this particular post. Although I personally never had a bad experience with them when I used to shop for them. But of course, it’s still important for people especially sales ladies to have the interest of their customers in mind. So I hope that if someone from Tango or T&M would be able to read this, or this blog, I truly do hope that you do something about it. Your products are really nice and it’s such a waste for a brand to be tainted with bad publicity just because of inattentive folks.

As for this post about H&M, there was a comment there that we should be buying more Filipino brands such as Bench and Penshoppe which I admit is true.

20120926 H&M Website

About Bench and Penshoppe, I would also love to do some shopping there but honestly before, when I was a little bigger, I also had a difficulty finding my size in these brands. That’s the reason why I also shifted to imported brands because it was easier for me to find my size in those brands. But of course! I would also encourage everyone to buy from Filipino brands. After all, love your own!

20120926 Bench

BTW, kudos to Bench for being able to get Jessica Sanchez as their endorser! 🙂

20120926 Penshoppe

And kudos to Penshoppe for being able to get Ed Westwick. I am honestly a fan of the bad boy, Chuck Bass.

The post about Cherry Mobile on the other hand, I get comments about this every now and then and the funny thing is, I honestly do not know if this particular phone still exists!

20120926 Cherry Mobile

And seriously, Cherry Mobile, I think you’re very popular!

So there you go guys! Here are just my thoughts on your comments and posts which I truly love and cherish!

Love always,

Manila Shopaholic

Cherry Mobile X90 Blush: Mobile Phone “Fit” for You

Check out the complete feature of this cute and fit phone at Manila Fitness.

Manila Fitness Cherry Mobile X90 Blush
Manila Fitness Cherry Mobile X90 Blush

Thanks to Manila Fitness for the picture!

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