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The Cambridge Satchel Bag

After the Longchamp craze, I have this funny feeling that the next “it” bag would be the Cambridge Satchel Bag. However, I still think that the Longchamp would be the bag that everyone wants because it’s light and there’s a number of variety. On the other hand, the Cambridge Satchel Bag looks a little school boy/school girl which is still pretty cute. But I think that they still have a LONG way to go to to catch up with the Longchamp-craze that hit the Philippines.

Earlier today, I saw someone in the supermarket sporting around a brown satchel bag and my friend, Kat also uses her black satchel bag in the office. I want one. But I don’t know what color I want. I actually want The Designer series which is a two-tone designer batchel.

Cambridge Satchel Bag

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