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Fancy Flats: Anniversary Blowout

As promised! Here’s the poster of the Fancy Flats 1st year anniversary. So again, guys, you really have to go to the Moonlit Bazaar this weekend (October 15-17, 2010) at the Rockwell Tent, Powerplant Mall. And here’s a checklist for you to follow to get ALL of the benefits from Fancy Flats:

1.) Go to the Bazaar early. I think the bazaar will start at 12 noon and end at 12 midnight. First 10 customers will get a special gift from Fancy Flats. I already mentioned it before, you have to check my post yesterday to know what it is. 😛

2.) Free ” I (“v”) Fancy Flats” tote bag for every purchase. (I heart Fancy Flats, if you didn’t get that symbol there. YAY! I love tote bags. Soo useful.

3.) Wear your favorite Fancy Flats and get a 10% off discount from the regular-priced items.

4.) AND LAST, when you buy 2 pairs of shoes, you can get a 3rd pair for 50% off!

Well, what are you waiting for? Save the date and get ready! 🙂

Fancy Flats: New Designs

Last June, I featured the first few Fancy Flats products. (Check out the post here.) Now, since they have a lot of new designs, it makes it more difficult for customers to choose what they are looking. So, to make choosing easier, Fancy Flats segragated their different products into segements such as:

Casual Comfort – Flats that you can wear on a daily basis and you can pair with anything under the sun

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Fancy Flats: Reinventing the Classic Ballet Shoes

Fancy Flats was one of the brands that joined the Summer Solstice Bazaar last weekend (June 5-6, 2010) at the Rockwell Tent. I got one of their products and this is my way of sharing with you the great deal that I got.

Fancy Flats is all about reinventing the low-heeled women’s shoes that a lot of us grew to love. Actually, now it is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Back during the Egyptian period of 16th century, the rich women wore flat sandals made of braided papyrus leaves and decorated them with jewels for the added sparkle (as what all ladies are looking for – the sparkle from Sex and the City!). It was in 1957 when Audrey Hepburn slipped on her ballet flats, Capri pants and over sized sunglasses and then the iconic ballet flats was born.

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Summer Solstice Bazaar: Fancy Flats

I absolutely love flats. My love affair with flats started when I was working already. Back in college, I was soo much into heels because I thought it was cool and all. But then, when one of my friends got an injury from wearing too much heels, I gradually turned into flats. It wasn’t an abrupt change but now, most of my shoes are just flats. They’re really cool and comfortable and the best shoes that you can ever wear when you’re driving.

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