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Jab Lang Ng Jab: My Juice Jab Experience

Hello, Guys! It feels like it has been such a LONG time since I wrote here. With everything that has been going on in my life – at work specifically. Been soo busy and had soo many issues and hence, backlogs. But here I am again, looking forward to the weekend. YAY for the freakin’ weekend!

As I write this, I have already finished 2 rounds of my Juice Jab experience. The first one that I did was last September 1-3 and the second was September 18-19. The first one that I did was actually a Strong Jab. (Yes, yabang ko eh, no?) I figured out that since I really didn’t eat that much, I would be able to handle this. Haha. But. Hell no! This was different.

The Strong Jab.

The Strong Jab requires replacing 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), with 2 juice bottles per meal, for 3 consecutive days.

Because I’m really not a rules girl, I drink one bottle every three hours – so that would be one at breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and after dinner snack.

So that’s a total of 18 bottle consumed in 3 days.

As it says on the website, the Strong Jab is for those who are ready to do a full cleans, letting go of all solid food. It gives the digestive system an almost complete rest, which allows the body to direct its energy in cleansing and knocking out deeply seated toxins.

The following Single Jabs make up the Strong Jab:

  • Gold Strike

Made out of Cayenne, Honey, Lemon, Water. I am quite familiar with the taste of this because of my Juice Barista Experience. It is similar to the Tango in the Mango taste. The only difference is that thsis makes use of Lemon and Water. I’m also quite familiar with this because of having read the Master Cleans over and over.

Juice Jab 1 - Gold StrikeThis one I really liked. It’s like drinking spicy lemonade. And I’ve figured that I’m more into fruit juices than veggies.

  • Emerald Punch

Made out of Celery, Ginger, Pineapple, Spinach.  This one, I didn’t like so much. I guess it’s because of the fact that it’s made out of Celery. And I’m not very fond of Celery to begin with.

Juice Jab 2 - Emerald Punch

  • Ruby Hook

Made out of Beet, Carrot, Cucumber. This one was okay, even if it’s just all veggies. So I think it’s just really the fact that I don’t like Celery.

Juice Jab 3 - Ruby Hook

  • Topaz Swing

Made out of Apple, Cucumber, Melon. This was okay as well. No complaints there.

Juice Jab 4 - Topaz Swing

  • Amber Power

Made out of Apple, Carrot, Ginger. Okay as well.

Juce Jab 5 - Amber Power


  • Jade Jab

Made out of Celery, Cucumber. Struggle again!

Juice Jab 6 - Emerald Punch

My overall experience from the jab was okay. It was hard – I won’t lie about that. I really thought I could hack 3 days of not eating but to my utter disappointment in myself, I wasn’t really able to be strictly on that. But there are many factors that affected that.

  • I did not stay away from salty, sweet and oily food as well as carbonated and caffeinated drinks
  • I wasn’t able to take a good night’s sleep because of all of the stress.
  • I made “daya” a lot. Haha. Okay, that’s my fault.
  • I didn’t skip excess activities nor did I rest because I couldn’t really rest because of work

If you asked me if I did lose weight, unfortunately, I did not. BUT, I still would recommend it NOT for losing weight but for giving your tummy a break. Yes, we all very much need that. Probably just before the Holidays or after. AFTER the Holidays would be GREAT.

My first experience with Juice Jab did not stop me from trying it out again. They had a deal with Deal Grocer. When they (Juice Jab), offered a deal for 2 Mild Jabs, I took it again. Hehe. 2 Mild Jabs for 2 persons DAPAT but again me, not following instructions, I took them both for 2 days.

The Mild Jab.

Requires replacing 1 meal a day (ideally breakfast) with 2 juice bottles, for 3 consecutive days. The rest of the meals are restricted to eating solid fruits and vegetables.

Which I obviously did not follow. TEEHEE. PEACE.

The following Single Jabs Make Up the Mild Jab:

  • Emerald Punch
  • Amber Power

Wonder of wonders though. Even if Emerald Punch was made out of Celery, it didn’t taste as bad as it did the first time. Which is great. I was thinking probably it’s because I was getting used to the taste? OR, there’s already taste recall? OR, my palette has been cleansed – which would be great because it means that little by little I’m removing my craving for salty and sweet food? YES! That would be a miracle of that would happen. But this time around, it was not that difficult anymore.

So probably… jab lang ng jab? Practice makes perfect. Haha.

Would I order again?

Yes, definitely I would. Probably not now though, probably next month or let’s see. I was originally planning to do a detox once a month. But of course there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.


  • Mild Jab – PHP 1700 (next order PHP1500)
  • Moderate – PHP 3200 (next order PHP3000)
  • Strong – PHP 4700 (next order PHP4500)


Shouldn’t be stressed. Should be able to rest properly and have a good night’s sleep. So best if you take it when you are on a vacation. Or not that stressed out (too many activities) for work.

But, yes, I would definitely order again.

What about you? Have you tried Juice Jab? Let me know your experience!

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