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SUPERSTYLE MNL 2 : Summer Bazaar Series

My friend and I were walking to Family Mart earlier today and it was scorching hot. Yes, I think summer is here. Have you made your summer plans already? As for me, I’m already fixing our itinerary for trip to Sugarland. Yay, I’m excited. Going back to my roots.

But aside from preparing the itinerary, there are still a lot of other things to prepare. First of all, DIET. Especially that going to Sugarland would only entail eating. :O ACK. Secondly, summer outfits. And this is probably the reason why here in Manila, there are 2 very strong bazaar seasons. First, it’s Christmas and second is summer.

And while the girls are shopping, what do guys do? I dunno. Beats me. But here’s an idea of a bazaar that might cater to both men and women alike…

SuperStyle MNL, is a revolutionary bazaar series to showcase topnotch quality and trendy brands from all over the Metro. Our aim for this event is to combine Fashion and Cars in order to cater both male and female market. We have noticed that bazaars usually attracts female market due to the items that are being sold inside. This time, we wanted to make it different. We wanted to make it more interactive.

Super Style MNLI wonder if guys would be okay to go to these bazaars? Probably yes.

Venue: Metrotent, Metrowalk, Ortigas

Date: Friday, 2 May  – Sunday, 4 May 2014 from 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Contact Information:

Contact Numbers.: (02)904.9690 / 0916.248.2242 / 0949.929.8065

Facebook Page:


Evita Peroni: Anniversary Sale Going On! :)

Heyo Guys!

It’s the 3rd month of the year and it’s a chance to start anew! YAY for us! :) Especially for those people who especially didn’t have a good 2 months. Hopefully, this month will be better for you guys! :) And to start off the month right and happy, I’m sharing with you this sale alert from Evita Peroni.

Evita Peroni

Evita Peroni is celebrating 25 years! They’re going to hold their anniversay sale this whole month of March. :)

And these are my picks for Evita now. :)

Manisha Ring

Manisha Ring. Soo pretty. Looks adjustable, right? :)

Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace. Because this is my favorite shape. And probably color as well. ;)

Melina SharkAnd this is my favorite hair accessory. You would always find one clipped to my bag or pouch strap. Haha. ;)

Nisha 5 EarringsNish 5 Earrings. So rockstar-ish.

Elina Pelican

Elina Pelican. Soo spring-like. :)

Valens Twist

Valens Hair Twist. Coool! This actually looks like a bracelet! :)

So check out their sale! :) Check out their store locations on this link. ;)

Lifestyle Monday with MasterCard at Lazada

After the launch of the mobile application for iPhone and iPad, Lazada launched it’s Lifestyle Monday with Mastercard. MasterCard holders in the Philippines will get an additional 10% discount when they shop from the Lifestyle and Fashion categories of Lazada on Mondays.

Mastercard Mondays

This promo will run up until December 31, 2014! Cool, huh? So if I were you, just shop on a Monday. Anyway, it’s easy to remember: Mastercard Mondays. :)

For more information and full terms and conditions, visit For more updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions,  connect with us via Facebook (

Chinese New Year Sale at Lazada!

Yes, its going to be Chinese New Year already next year. Are you ready? Honestly for me, this time around, I’m not. I wonder why. I wonder what changed?

Previous years, I would have been raring and daring to celebrate Chinese New Year (even if I’m not even Chinese). But this year, it’s just different. I think I would attribute it to faith. Yes, BIG word.

In all of the years that I have been following Feng Shui, I cannot really attribute anything that happened in my life because of Feng Shui. There was this year when I even attended this sorta conference and people were proud to tell their story – their testimony. And me, I reflected, looked back at everything that happened to me. None. Nothing. I think for the past few years, I really just held on to FAITH.

You know what’s weird? I noticed that there were really bad times in my life and I checked back with Feng Shui and they would tell me that I’d have a good month. WEIRD. But nonetheless, not soo bothered. I think just in case, I would still buy the book for fun, but I’m not relying on Feng Shui.

As for next year, there’s not stopping us from celebrating Chinese New Year. After all, all celebrations are welcome because these are happy events. And with that, there’s no surprise that stores, malls, online shops, etc., would also celebrate this event with sales! :) And wouldn’t a shopaholic like me love that? Of course, I would.

With that being said, I’m sharing with you the link to Lazada’s Chinese New Year Sale.

Chinese New Year Theme

So what’s up and about on that page?

Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol

All In One Good Luck Bracelet (Double Happiness)

From my years of experience in Feng Shui, this one is good if you’re looking for someone to get married to, your getting married, or you want your marriage to last. :)

Feng Shui Wu Lou

All In One Good Luck Bracelet (Wulou)

Wu Lou on the other hand is being used if you have health concerns.

Feng Shui Pi Yao

White Pi Yao Bracelet

Pi Yao is also known as the money catcher (I think… if my memory is right). So this is good for those who are in business. :)

Feng Shui Mystic Knot

Blue Mystic Knot Bracelet

Mystic Knot is for those who want everlasting love, happiness, and luck.

Pretty cool, huh? :)

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can expect an amazing lineup of products! Getting a good bargain will surely be a great way to start the Chinese New Year! So follow @LazadaPH on TwitterInstagram , and Facebook to stay updated.
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