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5 TV Series that I’m looking forward to! :)

For the past few months, I have been influenced by a really close friend of mine to watch TV series again. I used to watch a lot during my college days but then when I started working, I stopped watching already because I’m always soo busy. But then this love for watching series has been reborn again when he encouraged me to watch How I Met Your Mother.

And then just like that, I’m hooked again! 🙂

So there’s my TV Roundup after I finish HIMYM.

1.) The Mindy Project

The series follows obstetrician/gynecologist Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) as she tries to balance her personal and professional life, surrounded by quirky co-workers in a small medical practice in New York City. The character was inspired by Kaling’s own mother, an OB/GYN. Mindy explores through life with the help of her co-workers: Danny Castellano, her best friend and love interest, whose religious sensibilities and mother issues occasionally cause some tension; Jeremy Reed, the English doctor with whom Mindy slept in Season 1, and who now heads the practice; Peter Prentice, another handsome doctor who was fraternity jock while attending Dartmouth; Morgan Tookers, a wacky registered nurse who is also an ex-con because he was framed by his career criminal cousin; and Beverley, a libidinous older woman who is the office receptionist and has a heavy Southern accent.


2.) Girls

Aspiring writer Hannah gets a shock when her parents visit from East Lansing, Michigan, and announce they will no longer financially support her as they have done since her graduation from Oberlin College two years before. Left to her own devices in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, she navigates her twenties, “one mistake at a time”.[5] Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky co-star as Hannah’s circle of friends.

3.) Jane the Virgin

Set in Miami, the series details the surprising and unforeseen events that take place in the life of Jane Villanueva, a hard-working, religious young Latina woman whose family tradition and a vow to save her virginity until her marriage to a detective is shattered when a doctor mistakenly artificially inseminates her during a checkup. And to make matters worse, the biological donor is a married man, a former playboy and cancer survivor who is not only the new owner of the hotel where Jane works, but was also her former teenage crush.

4.) Selfie

The series follows the life of Eliza Dooley, a woman obsessed with the idea of achieving fame through the use of social media platforms, including Instagram where she posts selfies. She begins to worry that “friending” people online is not a substitute for real friendship, and she seeks help from Henry Higgs, a marketing image guru.

The character names are a reference to Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins, the main characters of the 1912 George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion, further popularized by the 1956 musical My Fair Lady. In the play and musical, Henry is tasked with improving Eliza’s social status, and ends up succeeding all too well; an eventual romantic relationship between the two is hinted at, but never shown.

5.) Web Therapy

The popular online show, now a television series, features Fiona Wallice who is branching a new type of therapy. She decides that 3 minutes over web cam is better than 50 minutes of patients rambling on. By dramatically shortening session time, she hopes to get results more quickly. Her sessions take place via web cam over the Internet and are taped in the hope of attracting investors into promoting her new technique as a worldwide therapy option.

What about you? What are the TV series that you are hooked into right now? 🙂




“Suite Indulgence” at @ShangriLaHotels and Resorts

When I was working in the Ortigas Area, I used to park at the Shangri-La Edsa Plaza Mall so everyday, I would walk through the Shangri-La Edsa Plaza Hotel. I loved it. It was the most relaxing walk ever because as I enter the hotel, I would always smell this super sweet scent the miraculously washes away all of the stresses of the day.

I never really stayed in any other Shangri-La Hotel except for that one and I would love to visit their other sites. I bet it’s as nice as the one here in Manila.

If ever you’re in Hong Kong or Shanghai, you might like to read this press release below. 🙂

Shangri-La Jin Ang


HONG KONG, CHINA –Media OutReach– 4 August 2014 – Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts reveals a suite offer that promises to deliver the ultimate luxury escape.  Guests can take advantage of personalised service and the finest accommodations with the “Suite Indulgence” package, which includes a 20% discount off the best available rates of suites and triple GC points for Golden Circle Members, plus access to Horizon Club lounges and benefits where available.


For Shangri-La properties with an exclusive Horizon Club Lounge, additional amenities include complimentary breakfast; tea or coffee delivered with a morning call; evening cocktails and canapés; a selection of snacks and beverages throughout the day; Club concierge service; two hour use of a meeting room daily; and complimentary suit pressing.


From Asia and the Middle East to Europe and North America, Shangri-La’s suite options will suit understated, elegant and opulent tastes.  Guests may opt for views of Hong Kong’s recognisable skyline atKowloon Shangri-La, marvel at street activity high up from Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai or settle for the tranquil turquoise Oman waters off Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa.


Whatever the destination, the group’s suite collection addresses a business trip to an indulgent romantic break for two or a luxurious family resort holiday while delivering ‘hospitality from the heart’ for which the brand is renowned all over the world.


For more information about “Suite Indulgence”, which is valid 1 September through 31 October 2014 at more than 80 Shangri-La properties, and to make a reservation, visit

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, one of the world’s premier hotel companies, currently owns and/or manages more than 80 hotels under the Shangri-La brand with a room inventory of over 34,000.  Over four decades the group has established its brand hallmark of ‘hospitality from the heart.’ The group has a substantial development pipeline with upcoming projects in mainland China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.  For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the website at


Fitness Gourmet Experience

Hello, Guys!

I’m kind of back. Well, you see, my Outlook is still hanging. And because I’m such a multi-tasker, I decided to write a quick something about my Fitness Gourmet experience last week.

I actually have already tried to experience ordering food from different diet delivery services. I think the last one that I did was back in 2009 when I was preparing for the wedding of my sister. During that time, I think I ordered from Healthy Cravings. That time, it was already the cheaper alternative at PHP 700 per day as compared to Sexy Chef which was at around PHP 900 – PHP 1,000 per day.

But since then, a lot of other similar companies have sprung up and one of which was Fitness Gourmet.

I have already seen Fitness Gourmet over at Instagram, wherein various celebrities would actually post about it. From that time on, I have always been interested in ordering but never got the chance. Why? Either I was low on budget. Or, I splurged on something else. (Yes, the story of my life.)

Luckily though, during the event of my sister, for The Steps Project at UP, I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners of the free 5-day trial of Fitness Gourmet. Unfortunately for me though, I wasn’t able to start right away because they deliver Mondays – Fridays and that Friday, I was leaving for Bacolod. So, sayang lang cause I’m going to be bingeing naman in Bacold. TEEHEE! 😛

That was the reason why I started last Monday, June 2, 2014. Which is great because it’s the start of the month.

The Menu

Fitness Gourmet Menu

The menu for the week was posted on Instagram. So better follow them and better that you actually have Instagram. (@fitnessgourmetph) The food that you will be getting will have no labels so better to refer back to their Instagram account or take a screen capture already as your guide.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of all of the food because there were times when I was too hungry to even take a picture. Haha. 🙂

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 Breakfast – Grilled Veggie Sandwich. This was actually pretty yummy!

Day 1 Lunch Day 1 Lunch – Mild Spiced Chicken Rice Salad Stuffed in Tomato. This was pretty yummy, too.Day 1 Snack


Day 1 – Surprise Snack. Jelly?

Just a note on the surprise snack. Although yes, I do like their snacks, I find it frustrating that I don’t know what is being served to me. I’m not one to eat something that I actually don’t know what’s in it. So I’m usually a bit hesitant on this. Although this was okay. There were just others that weren’t that okay. So I think it’s a hit and miss thing.

Day 2

Day 2 Breakfast Day 2 Breakfast. I loved this. Who eats pizza during breakfast?! ME! 🙂Day 2 Lunch Day 2 Lunch: Yummy. Just like Caldereta! 🙂Day 2 Snack

Day 2: Loved this, too. Faux Blueberry Cheesecake. 🙂Day 2 Dinner Day 2 Dinner. Was okay. 🙂 Didn’t make soo much of an impact on me. 😛

Day 3:

Day 3 Breakfast

Day 3 Breakfast. I liked this, too. Although it just felt weird eating egg with rice. I usually eat rice with ulam and egg. But then again, this is why it’s called a diet, right? 😛
Day 3 Lunch

Day 3 Lunch. This one I LOVED, too. It has been such a LOOONG time since I had pasta. I used to love pasta but then since it’s carbs, I really stay away. 🙂Day 3 DinnerDay 3 Dinner. This was good, too.

Day 4

Day 4 Breakfast

Day 4 Breakfast was pretty good.Day 4 Lunch


Day 4 Lunch is LOVE. Pasta again for the WIN! 🙂

I didn’t take the picture of my Day 4 dinner because I had dinner out. 😛 So fine, daya na sya and sira na my diet! 🙂

Day 5:

Day 5 Breakfast

Day 5 Breakfast was the meal that I took for Day 5. I think I was pretty pre-occupied that Friday. 😛 This was good, too.

So, how did I find Fitness Gourmet Over All?

It was pretty good. Especially at PHP 1800 for 5 days. I think it’s already pretty sulit. Imagine, if you go to work, you would probably be spending the same amount on food anyway. So go with the healthier alternative right?

Did I lose weight?

I think I did, a pound or two. I couldn’t really say because as I said on Day 4, I had to have dinner out. And this is just life, you know. There are some times when you can’t really tell what your schedule is. Things just keep on popping up here and there.

Will I purchase?

Yes, most definitely. For as long as I have the money and the commitment to really go on a diet (na talaga!). Which I have to ALREADY. Note to self: BE SERIOUS about this.

So for more information, check out these links:

Fitness Gourmet:

Mobile Number: 09173613474



Campus BDJ: Why Only Now??

When I was a kid, I started using a planner when I was in Grade 5. I remember that distinctly. It was sorta like a “Filofax” with the refills. And I would change it year on year. It was a red, green and yellow planner, wherein I placed stickers, wrote in different colors, etc.

This was something that I used on top of the yearly school diary that was issued in school. I actually don’t know why I did that. I was just probably OC like that.

Since 5th grade onwards, my life has been ruled by my planner.Which I think is a BAAAD thing. (Maybe?) To the point that if I leave my planner at home, I would be… “What will I do today?” At school. Thank God for Outlook right now, I wouldn’t be THAT lost at work. But yes, I’m still VERY dependent on my planner. It’s just different when you write down the things that you have to do. 😛

With the rise of the planners a few years, comes the Campus BDJ which specifically caters to school girls (grade school, high school, college, you name it. Yes, it’s for you!)

Campus BDJI was looking at it over at their Facebook Fan Page, and I was thinking – why only now? I would have had soo much fun with it if I were back at school! 😛

Campus BDJ Everything


And you know what’s really cool. It specifically caters to the school year, meaning June until March! And we all know that for school girls, the year doesn’t really start January. 😛 It starts when the school year starts. Well, that’s how I felt before.

Campus BDJ School Year Goals

It also features a lot of things, such as School Year Goals.
Campus BDJ Projoect Planner

Project Planner! Especially for those people who are active in their extra-curricular activities! 🙂Campus BDJ Menstrual Tracker

And yes, it’s never too late to track your cycles! 🙂
Campus BDJ Grade Tracker

Grades Tracker so that you don’t get surprised at the end of the year. 😛 haha. 🙂Campus BDJ Class Schedules


Class Schedule! Just to always keep you on track.

Campus BDJ Class Schedule 2 Campus BDJ 100 Happy DaysAnd the ever popular #100HappyDays! I love this! <3

Campus BDJ CouponsJust like it’s older sister, the BDJ Power Planner, it also has a lot of coupons!

Campus BDJ Get Free Flip FlopsAnd if you buy 2 Campus BDJ Planners to get a a pair of Salvatos FlipFlops! 🙂 So go! Get this for your kid, your niece, your little sister or cousin. I’m pretty sure they’ll love you for this! 🙂

Have a Happy Friday everyone!! 🙂


Manila Shopaholic 🙂




Where were you when you were 28?

As for me 2 years ago, I was in China. It was my first time to go to China and I had to stay there for 2 months. A project that I led and I brought more work here in Manila. I would say that, that year was probably one of the best years in my life. There was travel. I went back to being on ASIA shift, which I had long been waiting for. And that was probably the year that I was at my healthiest. Yep, that wast my year of transformation.

That was a year to beat. So let’s see if this year, I can beat that year.

Here’s an article about the founder of Lazada: Inanc Balci – Co-Founder and CEO of Lazada Philippines.


While many of us can only dream of changing the world, Inanc Balci is already doing it. At 26, he co-founded South East Asia’s online retail tiger Lazada and now, at age 28, he sits as the Chief Executive Officer for Lazada Philippines.

On Being a young CEO

Balci, a Turkish raised in London, attended Purdue University in the U.S. with a double-degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Afterwhich, he worked on mergers and acquisitions for an investment bank in London. While working for the investment bank, Balci saw the eminent potential in e-commerce which led him to join Rocket Internet and eventually co-found Lazada in Southeast Asia.

In the Philippines, Balci heads a pool of more than 300 employees, all of which he works very closely with. With an unabashed outlook, agile wit, and a laser-sharp eye for details, Balci perfectly fits the bill to lead a rapidly-growing online company.


Online Shopping in the Philippines

In a country where shopping malls are practically part of the fabric of the society, online shopping is something quite a number of Filipinos are unaccustomed to – there comes the perennial trust issue on using credit cards, the surprise surcharges, and unfortunately, the products not arriving at all. The malls in the Philippines, on the otherhand, have creatively articulated themselves to be not just shopping destinations but also as a means of recreation (i.e. be it the cinemas, the gaming zones, the restaurants, or as simple as the airconditioning they offer as a break from the raging tropical weather outdoors) – all of these were the issues that Balci had to dispel – and dispel he and his co-founders did. Lazada has made shopping quick, effortless, and risk-free to South East Asia and in the Philippines, this is the same principle that Balci is harping on to the Filipinos. How is this so?

First, Lazada accommodates all those shoppers without credit cards via its cash-on-delivery payment mode. This is essential given that not everyone has a credit card or is keen on sharing their credit card details to someone – or anyone for that matter. This makes online shopping risk-free for everyone. Being an archipelago of 7,100 islands, accessibility is always an issue – a significant portion of consumers doesn’t have time or access to visit the malls but with a minimum of PhP 1,000 purchase, Lazada offers free nationwide delivery, to customers anywhere in the Philippines, just log-in, shop, and the products will be delivered at the customer’s doorstep. Lastly, Lazada offers the flexibility of having the customers return the products within 30 days for free – provided that the products are in mint condition.

In a span of two years of being in the Philippines, Balci has steered Lazada to further heights and now with more than 40,000 SKUs, reaching 90% of the online population of the Philippines, and ranking as the 4th top Facebook brand in the country with a direct audience close to 2 Million. What the dot-com bubble holds for Lazada is still yet to be revealed, but one thing is for certain, Inanc Balci, the 28 year-old co-founder and CEO, is definitely changing the way Filipinos buy.


We may be far from what Inanc has accomplished but it’s never too late to try to be better and step up a notch.

Rainbow Loom and the Craziness behind it.

Yep, I’ve posted about it over at Instagram and on Facebook. And yes, it is driving me crazy. The excitement of doing something new every night – when I really should be reading a book and creating a summary about it. But you see, it’s something new and it’s something creative and I really look forward to doing even just one single bracelet every day. Call me crazy if you wish, but yes, I am crazy about it and so are a few friends. 😛

What is Rainbow Loom?

Rainbow loom is actually a plastic toy loom used to weave colorful rubber bands into bracelets and charms, according to Wikipedia. And although here in the Philippines it just took off (I think) late last year or this year (but I really think I am a bit delayed on this), it was invested in 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng of Novi, Michigan.

Unfortunately for Mr. Ng, there has been a lot of products that have been created like FunLoom and Cra-Z-Loom, who are now being sued for patent infringement, that are also being sold in the market. Moreover, there are a lot of no-brand products that are being sold, too. I for one am guilty of that. :/

But honestly speaking, there is a BIG difference between using the counterfeit product and the original one. So if you ask me, I would still encourage you guys to buy the real thing.

What is the main difference between the Rainbow Loom and all the other loom boards?

The main and stark difference between the two products would definitely be the hook.

Rainbow Loom Hook

The Rainbow Loom Hook looks like that which makes it easier to get something or really hook the bands as opposed to the counterfeit hooks that looks like the one below.

Counterfeit Products Hook

Notice anything? Doesn’t it look like a plastic crochet hook? 🙂 Well, to me it does. And that was the reason why when I first used a counterfeit product, I used my crochet hook (which was made out of steel) because it was sturdier. A friend of mine actually broke this hook. Haha. 🙂

But last weekend, I couldn’t take it anymore so I bought an original kit with metal hook and boy, that felt like Christmas to me! 🙂

So my hook now looks like this but in the standard color of yellow. 🙂

Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kit

Another big difference would be the board itself.

Rainbow Loom Kit

Check out the base of the board. There are 3 connectors – 2 small ones and one big one. These connectors really hold the loom strips together as opposed to the counterfeit products which would most likely look like this:

Loom Board

Oh and you know what. Even the rubber bands are different. The original bands are really different when you make them into bracelets as opposed to the generic bands.

I would highly encourage you guys to really buy the original one as opposed to the counterfeit ones mainly because of those differences. 🙂

Checkout the Rainbow Loom Philippine Fan Page for more information! 🙂


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