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Hey Guys!

Just wanted to publish this today. This will be a quick post because I’m just soo dead tired. 🙁 But, I’m soo looking forward this weekend. Saturday, we’re going to have the Pastel Color Painting Workshop at Mothercare Podium and on Sunday, it will be the first time that Memory Crafters will ever supply crafting kits for a 1st Birthday Party! I’m soo excited about that. What about you guys? What have you got lined up for you over the weekend? 🙂


Anyhoo, Manila Shopaholic has been tagged as #81 here. Just gonna post this as reference for the future me. 😛

Top 100 Fashion blogs

An infographic by the team at Rebates zone

Anyway, hope you guys are having a better Thursday than I am. 🙂

Ni-Qua’s Press Preview of their Holiday Collection 2014

Hey, Guys!

First and foremost, I just would like to greet everyone a very happy holiday! I hope everyone is having a grand time, wherever they are. As for me, I’m currently here, at my grandma’s house, watching my mom dance. Haha. Yes, they do have ballroom dancing every Monday. The long weekend was really a restful one for me. Since I couldn’t really move around because of my sprained ankle. Still not too happy about that. BOO. 🙁

But one thing that really made me happy was last Wednesday, August 20, 2014. Bunnie de Guzman of Ni-Qua, invited me to their Press Preview of their Holiday 2014 Collection. This was held at Nail Tropics in Eastwood at around 1:00 PM.

Nail Tropics

It was a Wednesday but I took the day off just to rest and refocus myself. Been soo tired recently and this was definitely a welcome break for me. 🙂

Upon arriving, I met Bunnie. She’s the woman behind Ni-Qua and I found out that they had been in the export business for a number of years already. But she also has a full-time job. Nice! I really am amazed at women like these who have a lot on their plate right at the same but they still can cope. Work, Business, Family. Cool, huh?

Bunnie and Manila Shopaholic

When we went inside Nail Tropics, they asked us to choose, which service we wanted. I chose the Mint-O-Feet to relax my feet. And relaxed it was!


This was actually kind of a date also with my sister.

Mommy Ginger

We were also treated to Detoxify Bar drinks and Starbucks sandwiches.

Detoxify Bar

I personally picked out the Minty Berry Detox because they said it was the best one. 🙂

Minty Berry Detox

Some of the items from their past collections were also on display. The Neon Collection which I absolutely love was there!

Ni-Qua Neon Collection

Manico Large Bag in Charcoal was there!

Manico Charcoal Bag

Costs PHP 2,775.00

Black Leather Bag with Animal Print Handle is definitely for the working woman!

Black Leather Bag with Animal Print Strap

On and they have it in red, too! 🙂

Red Leather Bag

These little bags can be for kids or for adults who prefer smaller bags!

Small Black Bag

We were also given this bag which I love soo much because it is lightweight and spacious!

Lightweight Bag

And for your night outs, these clutches are perfect!

Clutch Bag

Once again, thank you Ni-Qua for such a relaxing day! 🙂

For more information, visit Ni-Qua:

@niquashop + Small Bags is Love

I was browsing through the stuff of Ni QUA Philippines and this Mini Satchel in SAC in Neon Blue really caught my attention.

Niqua 1

It doesn’t matter that it’s for kids. And when was there ever a rule that kids’ section are just for kids? I beg to disagree. Especially for this case.

Niqua 2

In fact, I know for a fact that this small purse can carry all of my essentials – 2 mobile phones, travel wallet, and a small purse for coins.

In fact, I can think of a number of uses for this – not only for night outs. I can also use this as an extra purse when I go to the office. I love really big bags but the thing is, if I’m just going out for coffee or lunch, lugging around my huge bag is not really appealing to me. So keeping this in my office locker would be really cool. Voila, I have a small bag! J

For more information about Ni QUA and their other stuff visit the links below:

Have a great Monday everyone! I know it’s super traffic today but I hope that you guys are all safe sound wherever you are! 😀


@LouiseAstra: Ballet Flats is Love. #shoesph

If you don’t know what ballet flats are then I’m not sure where you came from. 😛 I started really loving flats when I started to work in Makati wherein I have to walk from here, there to anywhere under the scorching rays of the sun with a laptop inside my backpack. Yeah. Perks of being in IT. In the other end of the spectrum, downside of being in IT. 😛

I cannot, CANNOT imagine myself not being in flats or not loving flats one single bit. Yes, I may not look as “hot” as the other girls who wear sky high heels but there’s something about flats that I really love and adore.

Reason #1: Basic.

And basic is a foundation. A starting point. So really, it’s something that EVERYONE needs and will come back to. As simple as it is, everyone will come back to it. And basic never goes old. It’s a classic that will always and forever be in fashion.

Reason #2: Pair it with whatever and you’ll still look like a girl.

Yes, it’s true! It’s probably because of how it’s built – to look fine and petite. So even if you pair it up with loose jeans and loose top, you still look fab! Case in point, check out this post from

Reason #3: I can wear them ANYWHERE!

Go to work. Do errands. Go shopping. Go out. People won’t judge you because these are pretty much “respectable” shoes if you know what I mean. 😛 Have a rule, no open toes? It passes that. Want to look formal? Still can pass. Just depends on what you’re wearing. Casual day? Definitely. See? Soo versatile. So what’s there no to love, right?

Louise Astra

And lucky me, I got some new flats from Louise Astra. One was on the brown side and the other one is green. I am pretty much more attracted to the green one because of it’s color and fabric. It’s soo unique that I know that if I wear them, I am pretty sure that someone will take notice of it.

Louise Astra Manila Shopaholic Green

Need I say more?

Louise Astra is a Filipino brand founded by a self-confessed shopaholic mother just last year – July 2013. Each pair of shoe is exclusively designed using nice colors and materials. Want more? It doesn’t cost a fortune!

Louise Astra Manila Shopaholic Brown

Also, if you buy from them from now until the end of the month (July 31, 2014), you can get a pair for only PHP 250! What a great deal, huh?

Louise Astra July Promo


But don’t get me wrong. They don’t only offer flats. They also have sandals and wedges so any girl with any preference would definitely find something that would interest them!

Want to see more? Check them out here:

Louise Astra

Phone: 0917884 6571


Facebook Fanpage: Click here

Instagram: @louiseastra

Have fun guys! And let me know if you find something interesting! 😉

Join Ensembles WEAR MY DESIGN CONTEST Year 3!

Ensembles Wear My Design 2014 PosterHear ye! Hear y1 All of you fashion designers out there. Here’s your chance to have a big break and have your very own design displayed at Ensembles! Ensembles has just recently unveiled the 8 Winning Spring Dresses of 2014 in the racks of every Ensembles brance nationwide.

Ensembles Wear My Design 2013 Grand Winners

This April, which is next week, the competition starts again in the search of the next 5 winning Spring Dresses of 2015. How exciting!! 🙂

What’s more, there’s actually 2 categories: Soft OR Tailored. Which is good so that people can do their own forte and they would have to compete with the “same” kind of thing.

All you have to do is submit a dress prototype of your design together with an application form which is downladable from the Ensembles Facebook Page. Contest starts on April 1 and will end on May 31, 2014.

All of the submitted entries will be uploaded to Ensembles’s Facebook Fanpage for voting.

Who knows? Your spring dress design might be the one unveiled next year! Good luck guys. And if ever you guys win, don’t forget to hit me up a message so that I can share your story, too.

Learn more about ‘Wear My Design’ Competition mechanics and rules at Like Ensembles Facebook page (  Follow Ensembles on Twitter and Instagram @EnsemblesOnline.

Summer Seascapes and Floral Prints with Freeway Swimwear 2014

It’s the time of the year again, can you feel it? Well, I guess not strikingly hot yet since when I woke up this morning it was drizzling. But there are times when I would walk outside of my office building to do some errands or buy food, it’s scorching hot already and that reminds me that it’s March and summer is just around the corner. Yes, another season is coming into our lives. I’m excited about that.

What’s more exciting is what will be in the stores already. I really LOVE Spring and Summer collections. I love the colors, the vibrancy,  EVERYTHING about it. If you were to ask me what season I am, I would probably answer you that I would be summer.

And one of our favorites brands for this season is Freeway.


Freeway Summer Swimwear 2014 Collection boasts its very own Original Prints to complement the hotter months as they come in shades of cool green and blue. The original designs come in 3 tropical prints: seascape, green flora and multi-colored stripes perfectly creating a refreshing aura. Think: nature and seascapes strategically placed on one-piece maillots, bikinis, bandeau and tankinis. What’s awesome is that you can reinvent the pieces and mix them up to show your own summer vibe.

Freeway Swimwear 2014 A

Another bestseller of Freeway’s swimwear collection is their underwired bikini. Now, I don’t have to spell it out for you. We girls know why that’s just so fabulous.

Freeway Swimwear 2014 F

But summer is just not all about the sun, sea and sand. It’s also about lounging and hanging out around the beach at night. And this is the reason why cover-ups are also an essential part of our summer wardrobe. And just to make sure that you differentiate day from night, toss your flipflops at night and pair them up with sandals from Janylin.

Check out more stuff from Freeway! Visit to view the entire collection or to shop online, it’s easy and reliable! Connect with Freeway thru Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram @FreewayOnline.


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