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Join Ensembles WEAR MY DESIGN CONTEST Year 3!

Ensembles Wear My Design 2014 PosterHear ye! Hear y1 All of you fashion designers out there. Here’s your chance to have a big break and have your very own design displayed at Ensembles! Ensembles has just recently unveiled the 8 Winning Spring Dresses of 2014 in the racks of every Ensembles brance nationwide.

Ensembles Wear My Design 2013 Grand Winners

This April, which is next week, the competition starts again in the search of the next 5 winning Spring Dresses of 2015. How exciting!! :)

What’s more, there’s actually 2 categories: Soft OR Tailored. Which is good so that people can do their own forte and they would have to compete with the “same” kind of thing.

All you have to do is submit a dress prototype of your design together with an application form which is downladable from the Ensembles Facebook Page. Contest starts on April 1 and will end on May 31, 2014.

All of the submitted entries will be uploaded to Ensembles’s Facebook Fanpage for voting.

Who knows? Your spring dress design might be the one unveiled next year! Good luck guys. And if ever you guys win, don’t forget to hit me up a message so that I can share your story, too.

Learn more about ‘Wear My Design’ Competition mechanics and rules at Like Ensembles Facebook page (  Follow Ensembles on Twitter and Instagram @EnsemblesOnline.

Summer Seascapes and Floral Prints with Freeway Swimwear 2014

It’s the time of the year again, can you feel it? Well, I guess not strikingly hot yet since when I woke up this morning it was drizzling. But there are times when I would walk outside of my office building to do some errands or buy food, it’s scorching hot already and that reminds me that it’s March and summer is just around the corner. Yes, another season is coming into our lives. I’m excited about that.

What’s more exciting is what will be in the stores already. I really LOVE Spring and Summer collections. I love the colors, the vibrancy,  EVERYTHING about it. If you were to ask me what season I am, I would probably answer you that I would be summer.

And one of our favorites brands for this season is Freeway.


Freeway Summer Swimwear 2014 Collection boasts its very own Original Prints to complement the hotter months as they come in shades of cool green and blue. The original designs come in 3 tropical prints: seascape, green flora and multi-colored stripes perfectly creating a refreshing aura. Think: nature and seascapes strategically placed on one-piece maillots, bikinis, bandeau and tankinis. What’s awesome is that you can reinvent the pieces and mix them up to show your own summer vibe.

Freeway Swimwear 2014 A

Another bestseller of Freeway’s swimwear collection is their underwired bikini. Now, I don’t have to spell it out for you. We girls know why that’s just so fabulous.

Freeway Swimwear 2014 F

But summer is just not all about the sun, sea and sand. It’s also about lounging and hanging out around the beach at night. And this is the reason why cover-ups are also an essential part of our summer wardrobe. And just to make sure that you differentiate day from night, toss your flipflops at night and pair them up with sandals from Janylin.

Check out more stuff from Freeway! Visit to view the entire collection or to shop online, it’s easy and reliable! Connect with Freeway thru Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram @FreewayOnline.


Evita Peroni: Anniversary Sale Going On! :)

Heyo Guys!

It’s the 3rd month of the year and it’s a chance to start anew! YAY for us! :) Especially for those people who especially didn’t have a good 2 months. Hopefully, this month will be better for you guys! :) And to start off the month right and happy, I’m sharing with you this sale alert from Evita Peroni.

Evita Peroni

Evita Peroni is celebrating 25 years! They’re going to hold their anniversay sale this whole month of March. :)

And these are my picks for Evita now. :)

Manisha Ring

Manisha Ring. Soo pretty. Looks adjustable, right? :)

Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace. Because this is my favorite shape. And probably color as well. ;)

Melina SharkAnd this is my favorite hair accessory. You would always find one clipped to my bag or pouch strap. Haha. ;)

Nisha 5 EarringsNish 5 Earrings. So rockstar-ish.

Elina Pelican

Elina Pelican. Soo spring-like. :)

Valens Twist

Valens Hair Twist. Coool! This actually looks like a bracelet! :)

So check out their sale! :) Check out their store locations on this link. ;)

Reef! Not just for Summer

I know that summer season is coming and everyone is gearing up for it but as for me, although I do have summer vacation plans, I still have to weather around 3 months of work before really thinking about going on a vacation. So flipflop shopping and sandals shopping is really not in my vocabulary right now.

But since you know me, I have this summery kind of attitude and personality which always draws me to the brands that are synonymous with summer. Those that come with summer colors hence giving you the summer spirit and it lead me to Reef.

I have known Reef since before as I used to frequent Podium and it has been sold in a lot of stores here in Manila, namely GForce and I’ve been quite a fan eversince. But did you know that they also have some really cool flats? Like this for instance.

Reef Tropicana Flats

This Reef Tropicabana Flats is soo useful that you can even use it in the office. It’s not that loud and you can pair it up with a lot of plain tops. Since it’s bordering on the black, it’s tone down as well.

For those people who like beige more than black, then this Reef Averlyn is the one for you.

Reef Averlyn

I can see it now, you can pair it up with white, black, gray and beige. Pretty cool and conventional.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of girl who loves sneakers during the weekend, then this is the shoe for you – Ocean Mist 2.

Ocean Mist 2

You can use this with jeans, short, skirt, and even a DRESS! The colors are soo lovely that they can fit the personality of a girl next door type of babe. Sweet but funky. Just perfect!

And if you’re a little bit more sophisticated who loves the intricacies of things, then you’ll love this – Reef Rancho Rio.

Reef Ranch Rio

Color is perfect for the elegant classy chic especially if she doesn’t want to appear too formal.

And of course their bags. I’m totally into long handles right now, so I really love the Reef Weekend Bag.

Reef Weekender Bag

Perfect for me because I love stuffing things inside my bag. Haha.

Anyway, hope you loved these products and as I just love them. Check out Reef’s Website. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you’ll love too.

Complete this sentence…

A purpose driven life. That’s something that I have longed been trying to resolve and think about. Up until this very day, honestly, I still don’t know what my purpose is in life. But one thing is for sure, yes, I do have a purpose in this life. The only thing I have to do is to figure out. (*Maybe this time around, I really have to go on that silent retreat thing.*)


A reading in the office told me to fill out this statement:

I wake up every morning to _________ so that _________.

I have something very, very vague in my mind. Cause yes, I do wake up every morning to work. But what for? Is it enough to tell myself to earn money? For the future? Or should there be a deeper meaning for this all?

If there is a deeper meaning, an immediate deeper meaning for this, it would be for me to be able to inspire people that I work with. In the current job that I am in, I’m one of the senior folks and a lot of young, dynamic people around. Their all very good and all. But culture is changing and it seems that they want things instantly. Instant gratification, instant reward. Something that actually never happened to me and my batchmates.

There’s beauty in waiting. (Repeat to self over and over until I die.)

Yes, that’s true. And patience is a virtue (something which I have to learn, as well.). But I just realized that in the process of waiting, a learned a lot of things which I will never great and which made me the person that I am right now. There’s really no point in hurrying up because the means is just as important if not more important than the end.

So with that, this is probably my statement:
“I wake up every morning to work so that I can inspire people to achieve their fullest potential and continue growing through the best possible means.”

If there was one thing that makes me last in work, it would be the people that are around me and continuous. More than the work. More than the salary. I think this is one thing that I have realized long before. And this is probably the reason why I lasted so long in the company that I’m working now because here, I made friends who encourage me and support me to become a better person each passing day.

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Lifestyle Monday with MasterCard at Lazada

After the launch of the mobile application for iPhone and iPad, Lazada launched it’s Lifestyle Monday with Mastercard. MasterCard holders in the Philippines will get an additional 10% discount when they shop from the Lifestyle and Fashion categories of Lazada on Mondays.

Mastercard Mondays

This promo will run up until December 31, 2014! Cool, huh? So if I were you, just shop on a Monday. Anyway, it’s easy to remember: Mastercard Mondays. :)

For more information and full terms and conditions, visit For more updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions,  connect with us via Facebook (

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