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Last December 5, 2014, I posted a giveaway contest from Admittedly though, I wasn’t really able to try out the shopping experience here so I decided to give it a shot.

When you sign up for, you will receive an email giving you a gift certificate worth PHP 300 and this would really entice you to buy something. Although I didn’t really order immediately because I got so busy with work and everything else. I only got to order last January 14, 2015.

So, what did I order?

  • Momax iPower Go+ 11200 mAH External Battery Pack


Which I only got for PHP 2,499 as compared to the original price of PHP 3750.

  • Capdase Lightning Cable


Which I only got for PHP 1,050.

  • Capdase Pico G2 Dual USB Car Charger


Which I only got for PHP 399 instead of the original price of PHP 500.


As soon as I ordered, I already got an email confirmation from them. However, the following day, I got a text message from them that 1.) The Momax iPower Go+ 11200 mAH External Batter Pack color Gold wasn’t available and asked me to change the color. And 2.) The Capdase Lightning Cable that I ordered isn’t available so they wanted it to be replaced with a Momax Lightning cable.

Both of which are fine with me but then again, I was thinking if it were another person, I’m pretty sure that they would be upset about this.

Six days after, I already got my package which was YAY!

All of the items were in good condition and I’m really happy about my purchases. Thanks again for this,! 🙂

Anyway, here’s my honest to goodness constructive feedback.

What I like about
– The items that they are selling are of good quality because they sell good brands. This is especially important if you are buying electronic stuff.

Things that needs to improve on:
– Update your site as to what stuff you really have – stocks and all. I would think that your user interface should be connected with your inventory system.
– Make sure that the description of the items in your system is updated. For instance, check this out. The title says its lightning cable but the description says Micro USB.
– Also, once you order, you will get a confirmation email which says you can email, call or chat to confirm your order (which I think is totally absurd) but the email information isn’t in the email. 😛 If you think that there is really a NEED for people to confirm their order then better to inform them when they purchase that they actually HAVE to confirm their order and in the email, place a link that would allow the buyer to confirm the order. REMEMBER: making the buying experience for a person as easy as possible is the way to go.

So, am I going to purchase again from
Yes, definitely. I think I have enough patience to go through all of these things just in case it pops up again. And working in the world of technology, I kind of understand where they are coming from but then again, other people WON’T.

What about you? Would you be willing to go through this to purchase something from

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7 thoughts on “ Shopping Experience”

  1. parang okay nga yung daily sale ng ngayon kasi 399 lang yung mga items sayang yung casio watch ubos na 🙂

  2. What I like about Goodsph is that they offer lots of good items in a low price compared to other online shop. Their delivery is fast and customer service is really nice! Maybe they just need fix some errors in their ordering process

  3. Online shopping here in the Philippines is getting bigger and I highly suggest that should improve more on their user experience…particularly on its mobile version, mobile app, products content and competitive rices.. and by the way, think of the costly shipping, delayed shipping and items are always out of stock which is totally annoying..

    Please improve because you have some interesting products..thats all 😉

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