Lazada iOS App Launch

So, Lazada has already announced that they have launched their iOS App. Good news though this this App is available for both iPhone and iPad. For the Android users, sorry but I still have no new for you.

Lazada 20140116This launch happened last January 16, 2014 which followed Lazada’s recent investment. Included in the list of investors is Tesco. Tesco is UK’s largest retailer and they acquired a minority stake in Lazada.

Don’t you think technology is soo great? It makes this easier for all of us. For example, for a person like me who’s always soo busy and does not have the time to shop, I just click on something and voila, I can order it immediately!! Pretty cool, huh?

I personally think that if there’s a point of improvement for online shopping sites, it would be the utilization of Paypal. Or online sellers for that matter.This is actually especially true for online sellers. A number of times, I’d like to buy something but I’m just too tamad or don’t have time to do bank deposits. So hear ye, hear ye, all of you online sellers, please, please do utilize Paypal! I bet you will have a larger market share if you do. 😉


Anyway, going back, please do download Lazada App for iPhone and iPad which would be free for download starting today onwards. Also, within 72 hours of the launch, users downloading the app will get exclusive discounts of PHP 400 on any purchase with a minimum spend of PHP 900. For Smart and Sun subscribers, they get PHP 500 off for a minimum purchase of PHP 1000.*But I honestly don’t know how they track that.*

Interested in downloading the app? Click here.

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