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I found this website by accident. Somebody posted a comment here, linking the comment to their website and the website, linked to this site as well. I guess, it’s one of the newest online shops that cater to gadgets. Probably the direct competitor of Lazada? Not sure about that though. I would think they probably are not that much of a competitor since this website really caters to electronics as opposed to Lazada who offers a whole lot of different things.

Widget City 1

Price Point

I really have no point of comparison except that of the Apple since I’m really not all that familiar with how much gadget costs. Yes, I am no ma-techie girl. So I just compared the prices to that of Apple Philippines online. Surprisingly, it’s more or less around PHP 4,000 cheaper than the official prices at the Apple Store.

Widget City 2

Comparing it with the popular Kimstore, Kimstore is still cheaper by around PHP200. Unfortunately, I couldn’t compare it to DBGadgets because DBGadgets didn’t have their prices on their Facebook Fanpage. BOO.

About Widget City

Surprisingly, I found out that they have already been around for 4 years already. So no need to worry about that. They also have other things to back them up:

  • Nominated in 2011 by most visited Tech Blog sites as the first to release the latest models, 3 weeks before released in local market.
  • Featured in GMA Network website in being the first to release the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.
  • Recommended by Rico Mossesgeld, editor of Technograph and Globe Tattoo TechBlogger Model.
  • Partnership with Yugatech, TechPinas, PinoyTechBlog, Unbox and JAM Online in giving you the first and best reviews about the latest models.
  • Offered Exclusive Deals in partnership with Group Buying Sites such as Multiply Discounted Deals, CashCashPinoy, Groupon, CrazyDeals, Nakamuraka and more!
  • Sponsored several events such as Multiply Shopping Party, KYSS Bar Halloween Party, Spin City’s DJ Competition and more!
  • Joined exhibitions in 2011 such De La Salle Centennial Celebration, Megatent Events Venue Expo and more!

So good, they seem pretty legit.

How to Order

Widget City 3

Widget City 4


That of which is soo important especially for gadgets.

Widget City’s products are covered with 1 year warranty. BUT they also have 2 types of warranty:

1st: Manufacturer Warranty If problem arises, both parts and service charges are FREE. Warranty is claimed straight from the Manufacturer’s Service Centers.

Manufacturer warranty devices DO NOT contain any replacement period from Widget City Such as Macbooks, iPads, iPod Touch, Shuffle or any other devices that are classified as Manfacturer warranty. Any defects/Problems encountered will be brought straight to service center/provider.

Please check the unit before leaving meet up or pickup place. Our team provides enough time for you to check, in case you find scratches dents or any marks please request for other unit, physical damage after transaction will be not be honored. Therefore please check properly. Shipping customers have additional 24hrs to report this matter.

2nd: Service Warranty If problem arises, the service is free but you have to pay for cost of the parts that the Manufacturer will charge us. Our lead-time on repairs depends on the availability of parts.

Service warranty devices contains strictly 3 Days Replacement Period Only.3rd day should be back at our office.(Strictly implemented) ,fourth(4th) day arrival at our office is considered service warranty

Holidays & Sundays are counted (we’re open 11AM-1PM)

Crumpled box or any signs of use are already subject for service warranty.

Need more information about the warranty? Click here.

Check out their site for more information!

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