Zinio: The World’s Largest Online Newstand is LOVE

Hello everyone!

How has everyone been holding up? I guess you guys have been having better days than me! I guess I have been a little stressed lately. Soo many changes in my life. New work. Don’t get me wrong. It’s actually pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to the new challenge in my life. It’s just that for the past few years, it feels like I’ve been jumping from one thing to another. But no regrets there. I’ve been soo blessed andI am soo grateful for that.

Right now, I just would like to share with you a cool application that I’ve found over the internet. Zinio. Have you heard of it? They say that they are the world’s largest newstand.

Zinio 1

I actually came across it because I wanted to download the Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine. You see, there is still no application in the Apple Store for the magazine in iPhone and since I am using that, there’s no way for me to be able to download the magazine but through Zinio. The good thing on the other hand about Zinio is that you can use it on the following platforms: iPad, MAC, Android and Desktop. So, you can have your magazines anywhere! You can even read it online if you want!

What’s more is that a few days after I purchased it, they sent me a $10 SGD voucher which I used to purchase a whole year-worth of subscription to Cosmo. Soo, in essence, I’m all set for the whole year!

Zinio 2


Thank you very much Zinio! <3 I love you.

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