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Last Sunday, we had a family lunch and we were talking about some of the things that we have been wanting to do. One of which is to attend a silent retreat. In 2011, there were some things that happened in my life and finally, I made some time to go on a retreat. That was a really nice retreat and a good break from it all. It actually made me realize that no matter how bad my situation seems, I still have it better than a lot of other people. (By the way, plugging, there will be another Life’s Direction retreat on March 15-17, you might want to join. Click on this link to join the groups.)

In that retreat, I learned that the natural progression of the retreat is going on a group retreat and then going on a silent retreat. Okay, I have to make time for that then. I’m actually looking forward to that.

Anyway, going back… the Life List. My sister made her own and posted it on her Mommy Ginger Blog Site. She told me to create one and okay, fine, I’m going to create one now. Actually, this is the perfect time for me. I guess probably, it’s one of those moments in my life again when I feel lost and I don’t know what to do next. You know, that’s the difference between work and life. At work, there’s always a goal. In life, yes, you do have goals but some of us just don’t really live that out. That is the problem with me.

Hopefully, with this list, I can do soo much more things! Looking forward to it.

Since I don’t know where to start, I decided to base it on the 2013 List of the Belle de Jour Planner. So here goes nothing.

2013 Checklist

1.) Allot at least 15 minutes of prayer time everyday.DONE: 3/3/2014: This one, I do already. I actually have a prayer notebook wherein I write all of my thoughts. Been reading through the past years actually and it’s just soo funny. I have soo many realizations actually. One of which is that, sometimes, bad things need to happen so that we would be able to learn from it. If there are some things that we stop from happening, it’ll just keep on repeating because we still haven’t learned the lessons that we’re supposed to learn.

2.) Allow yourself to make mistakes.DONE: 3/3/2014: Yes, I have made soo many mistakes in my life. Year in, year out. But I’m still thankful for these mistakes (wrong judgement) because they made me realize that I should be more careful next time.

3.) Attend a concert.
4.) Attend a family reunion. – DONE: 3/3/2014: Just last Sunday, we had a Palma reunion. I am thankful for my cousins there who actually have been like second siblings to me. I never thought that I would have ever been close to them but then now, I’m soo happy that I found friends in family.

Palma Reunion
5.) Be a foster parent.
6.) Be a model for a day.
7.) Be eco-conscious.DONE: 3/3/2014: Yes, I think my love for ecobags are paying off. TEEHEE! Nowadays people are bring ecobags already. HOORAY for the Philippines! 🙂

8.) Build a sand castle.
9.) Buy flowers for your mother.DONE: 2013: I bought my mom flowers last year (Mothers’ Day) and I was surprised that she cried. When she cried, I cried, too. Haha.

10.) Clean your playlist.
11.) Cook a dish.
12.) Dance in the pouring rain.
13.) Donate blood.
14.) Drink more water and less soda for a month.
15.) Eat dinner by the candlelight.
16.) Eat more fruits and avoid desserts for a month.
17.) Fly kites.
18.) Get married.
19.) Get out of debt.

20.) Get your fortune told.DONE: 3/3/2014: There’s Ate Ced and August. This year. Tom, I’m going to see Ate Ced again. I wonder what she’s going to say. :/

21.) Give compliments.
22.) Go to Disneyland.
23.) Go on a 30-day fast. DONE: 5/14/2014: This year’s holy week was a different one for me. I went on a Facebook fasting. And you know what? It really did me well. I was able to get a lot more things done!

24.) Have breakfast on a mountain.
25.) Invite your Dad to go on a date.
26.) Join and win a contest.DONE: 3/3/2014: I won a contest by Capsule by TSA and Common Thread. Yay! Actually, I’m gonna claim the prize this month.

Won A Contest
27.) Kiss someone under the rain.
28.) Laugh your heart out.
29.) Learn a foreign language and use it.
30.) Enroll in dance classes.
31.) Learn a new sport.
32.) Learn astrology.
33.) Learn how to take criticisms.
34.) Learn to forgive yourself and others.DONE: 3/3/2014: Yes, I forgive myself for reacting the wrong way. And I forgive you for leaving. Just like that.

35.) Learn to lip read.
36.) Learn to say NO.
37.) Let go of your past.DONE: 3/3/2014: Yes, letting it go. I’m looking forward to a whole new world. Especially after the Lenten season. <3

38.) Make a baby laugh.DONE: 3/3/2014: All my fears about not being good with kids has been debunked. Thank you Baby Z. You just made me realize that I’m okay.

Zeeka39.) Reach my ideal weight and maintain it.
40.) Make a list of 100 books you want to read. DONE: 3/3/2014: Listed this down in an excel file together with my 100 Dreams. Next is to read them. BOW.

41.) Finish reading 100 books in this lifetime.
42.) Make someone a good cup of coffee.
43.) Have my own self portrait painted.
44.) Read for 20 minutes everyday for a year.
45.) Ride a cable car.
46.) Ride a camel.
47.) Ride a helicopter.
48.) Ride a jetski and a banana boat.
49.) Run a marathon.
50.) Say “I Love You” to someone special.
51.) Say yes to a boat trip.DONE: 2013: Does the boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay count? I hope it does! 😛

Boat Ride
52.) See a play. – SEMI-DONE: 5/14/2014: We will be watching Priscilla tom. I’m soo excited!!! 🙂

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

53.) Send a message in a bottle.
54.) Smile at 100 strangers.
55.) Solve a puzzle in a day and check the solutions the next day.
56.) Sort our wardrobe.
57.) Start a fundraiser.
58.) Spend the night sleeping under the stars.
59.) Strike a conversation with a fellow traveller.
60.) Take a day off on your birthday.
61.) Take a holiday trip with a friend.
62.) Take a ride on a hot air balloon.
63.) Take up a crafting lesson.DONE: 3/3/2014: I actually took up Watercolor this year. COOL! 🙂

Watercolor Crafternoon
64.) Throw a huge party with your cousins.
65.) Travel solo.
67.) Try a new hairdo.
68.) Try a new trend and wear it with ease
69.) Turn your mobile off for a day.
70.) Update your resume
71.) Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
72.) Go on a silent retreat.
73.) Go on a Marian Pilgrimmage
74.) Go to the Holy Land
75.) Go on a Northeast Asian Cruise.
76.) Go to New York.
77.) Win a High Flyer award

Note: This list is subject to change. And anyone who wants to sponsor me, you may contact me. (haha. Wishful thinking.)

So here goes nothing. Good luck to me and to the future that lies ahead!

Manila Shopaholic

3/3/2014: Updated! Don’t you just love technology? 😉

5/14/2014: Updated! Man. I haven’t had time to blog! :O

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