Coffee Bean: Thank You For 50!

The past week was really very hectic for me and just to get out of the building and the training room, I went to the Coffee Bean near our office on a daily basis. Honestly, I am more of a Starbucks fan than a Coffee Bean fan but because Starbucks is soo far away from our office, I went to Coffee Bean instead. It kinda of grew on me. Which is great. Ooh and I’d like to share with you the new drink that they have – Passion Guava Fruit-Tea and Passion Guava Tea Latte.

Passion Guava

I personally tried the Passion Guava Tea Latte and it was yummy. I honestly like the taste of this tea latte. A bit different from the usual because it has a bit of a tangy twist to it. So different from the sweet coffee taste and the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte that I usually order.

Because I have a Swirl Card (the Rewards points card of CBTL), I got this email from them saying that they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. So, as a treat, they are giving a 50% off on their beverages every Monday from 3PM to 5PM starting April 1, 2013.


Not to mention, I am pretty excited to taste their new drink! Mocha and Vanilla Ice Blended! Sounds yummy, huh?

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