Hello, Baby Z!

This has probably been one of the most unusual weekends of my life. My sister gave birth last Friday (March 8, 2013) to a beautiful bouncing baby girl, Zeeka! Pretty cute name, huh? I’d like to think that our family really gives good, cool and definitely unforgettable nicknames. But for purpose of being cool, I’d like to call her Baby Z and I was the first one who called her that. So, Baby Z, keep that in mind. Your Tita K was the first one to call you that. 🙂 If only I can patent and have the exclusive rights to call you that.

Baby Z 3
Baby Z’s Footprints

The good thing about all of these was that it was a scheduled C-Section that was primarily caused by the previous experience of my sister (something that I really can’t explain very well so I’d rather not share that here). So being the first niece (and definitely inaanak), I had the liberty to take a leave from work to spend the time with the whole family. My parents, first time grandparents were really excited. First apo. What a lucky baby.

Baby Z 4

I actually can’t believe that my sister is a mom already. Looking back, we were the babies in the family and some people even think that I am still studying and here my sister already has a baby. I’m soo proud of you sis. You’re very um, motherly (?). Something that I never imagined you to be. Probably because between you and I both, you were the tomboy and I was the maarte one. But hey, what do you know? Life really surprises you, huh?

Baby Z 2

All of these things have gotten me a little emotional, I have to admit. I am soo happy to have a new addition to the family. And I hope that when Zeeka grows up, we would have the kind of relationship wherein she would be soo comfortable to share with me anything about her life. My aim: to be the cool tita. I’m pretty sure that a lot of us has this “cool tita” and I really would like to be one.

Baby Z 1

On a separate note, I was thinking about my Life List as well. LL#38 is to make a baby laugh and let’s see in the next couple of months if this will happen. LL#18 is to get married. This one, I still hope and wish would happen. I don’t who and when but right now, I guess, I completely trust God that whatever happens to me, it would be for the best. In addition to that, I’m adding something to my LL. LL#80 to have a baby of my own.

With this, I’d like to share with you something that Delamar of RX 93.1 said over the radio one day. (Yes, I am a fan and I listen almost everyday.) She said that she had this notebook wherein she wrote everything that she wanted to accomplish in her life. She wrote down 2 things which she crossed out because she thought that it would never happen to her anymore. The first one was for her to get married. The second one was to have her own kid. And what do you know? It did happen to her.

So, yes, miracles do happen. And I can’t help but wonder if that miracle will happen to me, too. I hope so. Because Baby Z, I wish that you would also have your own first cousin. I am your only hope, little girl! (haha.)

But, well, wherever God may take me, I know it’ll be for the best.

Baby, Z, welcome to the family. As you know, we all love you soo much. I hope that you be a good obedient little girl who will grow up to be a fine young woman just like your mom and I. I’m sure that you will have a great life ahead of you. Have fun, live, laugh and love. Keep God in the center of your life and you will never go wrong. He will lead you to wherever you have to be. You will experiences good and bad things in this world, but in the end, everything will fall into place. I LOVE YOU! 🙂

Your cool tita,
Tita K. 🙂


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