Skin Food: Nail Vita and Other Nail Products that I Want to Try

A friend of mine gave this to me during Christmas. Honestly, I was never really a fan of nail polish but when my friend gave this to me, I got interested and grabbed the first chance that I could put them on. Actually, I was a bit hesitant because in the past, whenever I would have nail polish, it would be light pink or something really neutral or nude and you wouldn’t even think that I was wearing anything on. But change is good.

Skin Food Nail Polish

I guess another thing that I would be trying out soon are the nail stickers. The same friend of mine gave me a set as well.

Nail Sticker, Nail Art, Ciate, Nail Caviar

The one on the top most left is the one from my friend. She also got it from Korea. The one on the topmost right is from another friend of mine included in an exchange gift that we had last Christmas. This one I believe came from the Beauty Bar. The last one, the pic on the bottom are 2 items that I got from The Salad Box. Which I haven’t really posted anything about yet. Talk about busy, busy me! But anyway, what about you? What are the nail products that you are into right now?

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