January Shopping

Here are some of the things that I got for January.

1.)    Book: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo by Ramon Bautista

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo

Thank you soo much Yssa for giving this to me. If there’s one thing that you guys should know about me, I’m really “mababaw”. I really like slapstick comedy and things like these really crack me up. But of course, I have to admit, I still haven’t read it yet but once I do, I will most probably share with you feedback about it. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one funny book.

2.)    MiPow


I got this from a deal from Cash Cash Pinoy. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore but I think you can still contact them through their Facebook Fan Page (MiPow). I actually got a blue one and a pink one because it was supposed to be a His and Hers gift set but honestly, I really think I need both PowerTubes so I’m keeping it for myself (selfish). But honestly, Blackberry batteries drain REALLY, REALLY fast. Very disappointing if you ask me.

3.)    Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer

Smashbox Primer

This is by far the BEST primer that I have ever tried so far. I ordered this from a Multiply site because I ran out of primer. This has a high rating for 4.5 start at Sephora. I’m pretty sure that you guys already know how to use it but for everyone else’s sake, you use it prior to using a foundation because it creates a perfect canvas for the foundation. The gel really makes your skin feel soo smooth and it makes the foundation glide on easily.

It actually won in 2008 as one of the Best Sephora products.

4.)    New Flat Cards for Gift Tags

Gift Tags from IPrints

According to The One Hundred (Book) by Nina Garcia, No. 57 is Monogrammed Stationery. In addition to stationeries, I think that it would be really great to have a personalized gift tags for all of the presents that you will be giving away. It’s soo much more cooler and chic that way. In addition to the fact that sometimes, you can’t find a pair of gift tags that would perfectly match your wrapper. I’m “maarte” like that.

5.)    My Salad Box #2

Smashbox Primer

Yet to be opened and yet to be posted about. 😉

6.)    My Mango Box


When they had their sale, I immediately ordered. They are still on sale right now. Check it out at their website. It really pays to know your size but sometimes even if you know your size its just soo different if you actually fit it in the store because sometimes, the fit is just not right. That happened to me. But honestly, its just too stressful to look through racks and piles of clothes. Easier to shop with a click of the button. #tamad.

Well, those are my buys for January. I know. SUPER gastos. I must stop. There goes my New Years Resolution of being frugal. But moving forward, I promise myself that I have to control my spending because there’s something that I really want to save up for. I really want to go on a trip. To somewhere far. Maybe visit Europe again. On my own. You think I would be allowed? I hope so. But before that, I have to get things straight first. MUST SAVE UP.

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