To My Potentials Who Could Be The One.

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To My Potentials Who Could Be The One

Hi! It is actually taking quite sometime before I finally find you, meet you or maybe realize that it’s you. I’m not so sure if I would know right away if that’s you or I have yet to figure out that it’s you. You would probably know that in the past I have made some bad choices. Chose the wrong people to enter my life and probably forced some things to happen that I could have gotten away with. However, I also hope that you understand that when you meet me, all of these choices made me who I am right now. Hopefully, the person you would love and decide to be with forever.

If there’s one thing I would like to thank God for, it would be for you and for your experiences because it made you the person that you are right now. The person whom I love and adore. So don’t worry if you think it’s all messed up. I won’t judge you. God doesn’t judge you and why should I, right?

I’m not sure if I have already met you or I have yet to meet you. But in any case, I wish that when we meet again or for the first time, I’m hoping that everything will fall into place. I am hoping that during that time, the timing will be right, that we will have a strong chemistry and connection and the switch is on. You know what I mean – The Switch. The switch that makes both of us realize that we’re both ready because we already know who we are and we are are ready to share our lives with each other.

You and I both know that being together is a decision that we both have to make. Individually, we have our own passions and dreams. Some of these, might have to take a backseat for us to be able to move forward and be together. I’m pretty sure that if the timing is right and both our hearts and minds are set to making it work, then giving up some things wouldn’t be a burden. Okay maybe not a burden but it wouldn’t be that difficult. 😉

Don’t worry, I’ll still give you your time and your space to do whatever you have to do and I’m hoping that you would do the same for me. I hope that you accept me for who I am and who I was because it’s probably something that will never change. Maybe I will change a little but my inner core would still be the same. I will also accept you the way that you are and will not force you to do anything that you’re not ready to do. But of course, there will be times when I would give you my piece of mind about something (and I might nag you a little) and try to persuade you to my way. But you and I both know that ultimately, in the end, it’s always your choice.

This is probably something that I have learned through everything that I have experienced. You cannot force someone to change. If there’s something you disagree with, tell that person. But ultimately, it’s still the decision of the person to change or not. You cannot force someone to do something they don’t want to do. They will just dislike you for it.

If there’s one thing that I hope that you would do, I would hope that you would have the courage to approach me, to try to pursue me and to tell me that you really do like me (or even love me). I know that I may look intimidating but really, I’m just a girl waiting for a guy who would protect, profess and provide for me. I know that this seems soo cliché. Something out of the movie Notting Hill and the book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

I’m sure that we will really be good together. I’m sure that when I see you, I’d have the most beautiful smile on my face because you just made my day. We’d have our fun times too, teasing each other, laughing at each other when we do something silly and laughing with each other at the random thoughts that would cross our minds. We’d be really comfortable with each other because we’d be really good friends, who can talk on and on about anything under the sun – the past, the present and the future.

You know, I’m not that strong. I may seem to be but I would need someone who will lead me and be my pillar. There may be times when I would feel really lost and just break down and cry and you might not understand me. Probably that would be just hormones or not. During these times, please, just hug and comfort me. That’s all I need really. To know that you’re there to love and comfort me.

In turn, I will encourage you to move forward – to continue growing into the kind of person that you would want to be. I won’t hold you back. I will grow with you.

There may be times when I would be feisty but you already know that. But I promise to try to be kind and sweet to you most of the time. But I might have my lapses, too. So forgive me, okay? I might drive you crazy but here’s a little surprise for you, you drive me crazy, too (sometimes). But let’s try to be as patient as possible with each other, okay? that’s just what you call being human.

For the both of us, I know that there will be some weak moments when we would need to reassure each other that we will be there for each other. That we love each other, that we still find each other attractive and that we are one another’s priorities. Sometimes, there will be times when things won’t go our way and we just choose to not speak to each other – the cold shoulder. Just remember that these are times that we might need to figure out what we truly want.

But I know that if we’re both ready, we will overlook these petty things and realize really what is important: that we love each other too much to let go of each other. We will be partners and co-pilots navigating through life, protecting each other and standing up for one another.

This year, I’m ready to get to know you. I am ready to be the kind of person whom you will choose. Take the lead and I will follow. Let’s serve God together, raise a family together and experience life together (forever).

Here’s another warning though. I might not be here forever. There might be a next Potential who I would recognize and who would be more courageous in pursuing me. 😉


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