December 2012: Events, Products, and Planners.

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote here. The last on was last December 5. 14 days to be exact. Wow. That’s actually almost half a month. From that time on, there’s soo much things that have happened. So many ups and downs, in terms of work. Actually, that’s probably the major reason why I wasn’t able to post anything – mainly because of work. Weird as it is, December is actually the most crucial time for us. It’s the Fiscal Year End closing of our clients and being in the Finance Support team, well obviously, been very, very busy.

But even if December is such a crucial time, I’m still very happy during December because of all the meet ups. The dinners with cousins, the birthday party of a nephew of mine, the Christmas parties, Planning Sessions, Baby Showers – fun times with family and friends are truly precious.

Christmas Party

20121219 2 Planning Session 20121219 3 Baby Shower

Beauty Products.

On the realm of Beauty, well, I tried this product from The Face Shop. I’m actually not sure if it’s available here in the Philippines because this was mistakenly bought by my friend from Korea. She thought it was the nose strips but since it’s not, she asked me if I wanted to try it. And me, being the semi-beauty junkie that I am, agreed to.

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay IMG_5676

Originally, I thought that it would be like a mud pack that but I think that was what my friend wanted. Instead this is a gel. I tried to find more information about it online but this is all I got (click the link). Side comment: I don’t understand why Korean products don’t have English translation. Ang hirap ha!

Instructions on how to use this was thankfully in English. You wash your face and use a toner. Apply and massage on the nose area avoiding contact with the eyes and mouth areas. Wash off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes.

I did that exactly. Except for the fact that I didn’t only place it in my nose area. HAHA. And I also didn’t use lukewarm water. When I applied the gel, it immediately felt hot and I was actually confused about why it did that. And then I read the product again – Black Head Heating Gel Mask (stupid me!). I was actually thinking the reason why it did just that was because it needed to melt the black heads? Maybe, I don’t know.

Did it work? Well, most probably. I’m soo weird like that. I’m not very keen on those items but this I have to say. I think that my nose became smoother.

Bath and Body Works Product.

I am a sucker for Bath and Body Works products. Yep, I am totally addicted to probably because of the scent. It actually relaxes me. So here’s my new stash:

Bath and Body Works (BBW) Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub Stress Relief – Vanilla Verbena, 368ml – PHP 800

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief

BBW Aromatherapy Travel Shower Gel Stress Relief – Eucalyptus Spearmint, 2 oz. – PHP 250

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Shower GelBath and Body Works Stress Relief

White Barn Home Fragrance Oil Eucalyptus Mint, 9.7 ml – PHP 290

White Barn Eucalyptus Mint

BBW Foaming Hand Soap Cool Summer Splash, 8.75 fl. Oz. – PHP 300

Bath and Body Works Cool Summer Splash Hand Wash

I love everything. If you want to have your own stash too, I ordered everything from here.


And since the year is ending already, the mad dash for planners are also here again. I personally am going to user the Starbucks planner for 2013. Last year, I got the Belle de Jour planner. This year, I decided to be cheap. Actually, that’s the only reason why I didn’t get the Belle de Jour planner. I figured that this year, this coming year – 2013, I would practice frugality (good luck to me). Actually, the BDJ team, came up with a new planner that I AM SOO interested in – the Everything is Possible planner. But since I’m cheap right now, maybe next time.

Starbucks Planner

Oh but I also got another planner. The Coffee Bean Planner. I actually got it because I am usually at the Coffee Bean near our office and I got the planner today. WOOHOO. Actually, in terms of planning, I actually am promising myself that this coming year will be an even greater one for me. Better than 2012. And the way to do that? To plan. I have already semi-done planning for work and now, I’m starting to plan my own personal life. Let’s see how this year goes.

Coffee Bean Planner

What about you? Are you excited for the year to come?

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